Acacia at Park Heights Building in Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai with 9 stories

Building Details

  • Residential building
  • Complete
  • 9 floors
  • Acacia at Park Heights A a nine-storey residential building in Park Heights. Dubai Hills Estate, Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Dubai.


Acacia at Park Heights has many schools nearby including GEMS International School Al Khail at 1.8 km. And GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail at 1.8 km.

In terms of performance there are six schools nearby that have achieved either of two. Highest government inspection rating of ‘Very Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ including Kings’ School. Al Barsha which has a rating of ‘Outstanding’. And GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail which has a rating of ‘Very good’.

Minerva’s Virtual Academy

1.9 km, Academic City

  1. Collaborative learning through:
    • Group teaching of subjects: Pupils attend live teaching of subjects, which attended
    will the preparatory work. They will led by specialized teachers
    engaging and interactive sessions help students deepen and apply
    their learning and gives them a chance to work
    • World Changer Projects: Led by lecturers with special interests and experiences,
    or external organizations as International Space School Education
    Trust (ISSET, associated with NASA), these projects will have incredible
    to have a lasting impact on the future of our pupils and to very enjoyable.

• Weekly Gathering: An opportunity for everyone to meet, celebrate
achievements, share stories and reflect on important values ​​for life

• Wellbeing programme: It helps pupils to get to know themselves, to develop
resilience and practicing mindfulness, learning about and discussing issues
which influence them and equip them to make good life decisions.

• Clubs: Pupils 9.–11. of the year involved in one circle – from art to film
production, debating to business.

• Optional face-to-face meetings: We organize various educational,
cultural and active days for the entire school community
period. These provide an opportunity to develop established friendships
through group learning and clubs, in person!

GEMS New Millennium School

2.0 km, Dubai Hills Estate

GEMS New Millennium School (NMS) L.L.C established in 2013. It is one of three GEMS schools located at Al Khail Road in Dubai Hills Estate. It follows the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum and provides education from pre-school to class 12. The school’s website claims it the only CBSE school in the region recognized for its international perspective.

The curriculum infused with modern values ​​and learning technologies to equip students. With the skills to excel in the 21st century. From September 2020, the school offers a parallel program for. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum from Year 9 onwards. The Office for Knowledge and Human Development (KHDA) rated the school’s latest results as very good.-

The spacious facility offers students endless curricular and extracurricular activities outside of school. GEMS NMS is one of the diverse Indian schools in Dubai with students of 19 nationalities. The Faculty of Education currently employs over 80 teachers who support the academic needs of approximately 1,400 students.

GEMS New Millennium School’s strategic location links it to key residential communities in Dubai. The road infrastructure and the availability of reliable transport services make. It possible for people living far from the school to consider it. Located near the edge of the Dubai Hills facility,

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail

1.8 km, Dubai Hills Estate

It is part of GEMS education. GEMS Education has consistently provided a high standard of education for over 55 years. The parent organization believes that nurturing character, values, personal leadership. And creativity are essential for pupils to reach their full potential and become future leaders.

GEMS Education provides education with an international perspective and emphasizes academic education. At GEMS Education, students offered a competitive environment for growth.

The core values ​​of GEMS Education include:

Pursuit of perfection – consistent work to surpass perfection
Grow by learning – strive to develop your talent
Leadership through innovation – challenge the ordinary and the conventional
Global citizenship – actively contributing to the community

GEMS Education graduates have placed in 980 universities in 48 countries over the past four years. These include top universities and colleges around the world. GEMS students from various schools have surpassed all benchmarks and achieved more. 1,000 regional and international awards in sports, academics and arts.

Teachers at GEMS schools carefully selected to ensure they deliver international standard teaching. GEMS Wellington Academy has trained teachers who have access to a variety of state-of-the-art technology tools. A versatile and prudent approach to learning helps to solve the problems of higher education and employment.

Great strength of the school is its diversity and inclusiveness. The management believes that students interact with people from different nations, they know different values, mindsets and behaviors.


Explore communities that adjacent or close to Acacia at Park Heights.

Al Barsha (3.9 km)

The relatively sparsely populated development consists of five sub-communities named as Al Barsha First. Al Barsha Second, Al Barsha Third, Al Barsha South and the newly developed Barsha Heights. Most of the apartment buildings, shops and restaurants are located in Al Barsha 1.

Most of the villas scattered throughout the rest of the communities. Barsha is quite accessible for daily commuting no matter. Where you work in Dubai thanks to its great location between Al Khail Road and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Barsha has a sophisticated metropolitan feel is synonymous with the Dubai lifestyle. The area known for being home to expat communities and diverse cultures.

Thanks to its convenient location, wide network of main roads, metro station and direct access to. The main highways of the UAE, it has become a popular address even among young professionals. There is no shortage of basic amenities in the area, from educational institutions to healthcare and entertainment options.


Car commuting times

From Acacia at Park Heights A, it takes approximately 16 minutes to drive to Dubai Mall. 19 minutes to Palm Jumeirah, 16 minutes to Burj Al Arab and 21 minutes to The Walk JBR.*

Airport proximity

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is approximately 21 minutes’ drive away. And the new Al Maktoum International Airport is approximately 35 minutes’ drive away.*


The map below shows the location of Acacia in Park Heights and immediately below are. A summary of the nearest attractions, parks, beaches, golf clubs and cinemas.

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Acacia at Park Heights Building in Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai