The Binary Office building in Business Bay, Dubai with 30 stories

Building Details

  • Office building
  • Complete May 2015
  • 30 floors
  • The Binary is a 30-storey office building in Business Bay, Dubai.
  • Construction began in 2006 and completed by May 2015.
  • Reflecting Omniyat’s philosophy to create structures with a distinct visual identity. The exterior façade inspired by the binary code.
  • The building has five connected podium levels with a 21-storey. And a 24-storey building above, together providing 486,038 sq ft of office space. There 15 ground floor retail units and three basement levels. With 1,218 parking bays.
  • The double-tower building serviced by seven elevators. A concierge, prayer rooms and washroom facilities in the main foyer.
  • The retail areas include cafes, restaurants, master chocolatier. Florist, convenience store, pharmacy, and banks.

Shops Nearby The Binary Office building

The number of shops and amenities that are within walking distance can greatly affect quality of life. And may be a key factor choosing a place to live. Here is an analysis of all the commercial outlets that are currently operating in. The vicinity of The Binary.

There are a number of outlets within the building itself, located on the ground floor:

W Mart Supermarket Supermarket, street level

City Sky Cafe, street level

Print Outs Print shop, street level

Indi Salon Ladies’ salon, street level

Unicity General Trading Trade office, street level

Pak Jinnah Restaurant, marasi walk

Assal Zaffron Cafe Cafe, street level

1) City Sky

Cafe, street level

Sky City 1000 is a proposed skyscraper for the Tokyo metropolitan area. It announced in 1989 at the height of the Japanese asset price bubble.

The design consists of a building 1,000 m (3,281 ft) high and 400 m (1,312 ft). Wide at the base with a total floor area of ​​8 km2 (3.1 sq mi). The design, proposed in 1989 by Takenaka Corporation,

would house 35,000 to 36,000full-time residents well as 100,000 workers. It consisted of 14 concave dish-shaped “Space Platforms” stacked on top of each other.

The interior of the plateaus would contain greenery and the edges of the building would contain apartments. The building would house offices, retail facilities, schools, theaters and other modern amenities

2) Print Outs

Print shop, street level

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There are dozens of outlets within walking distance of The Binary. We’ve shortlisted the nearest ones across various categories:


Wiso Mini Mart Mini mart, Damac Maison Cour Jardin (0.1 km)

Black & White Grocery Mini mart, Damac Maison Bay’s Edge (0.3 km)

Zoom Mini mart, The Burlington (0.3 km)

Zoom Supermarket, Blue Bay Tower (0.4 km)


Brews Cafe Restaurant, Damac Maison Cour Jardin (0.1 km)

Story Restaurant Restaurant, Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Waterfront (0.1 km)

Angham Restaurant & Lounge Restaurant, Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Waterfront (0.1 km)

The Maine Land Brasserie Restaurant, The Opus (0.2 km)


Life Pharmacy Pharmacy, Clover Bay (0.3 km)

Aster Pharmacy Pharmacy, Blue Bay Tower (0.4 km)

Health First Pharmacy Pharmacy, Bay Avenue Mall & Park (0.4 km)


Copacabana Ladies’ salon, Damac Maison Cour Jardin (0.1 km)

The Groom Room Men’s salon, Damac Maison Cour Jardin (0.1 km)

Pro Nails Beauty Studio Ladies’ salon, Damac Maison Cour Jardin (0.1 km)

Flaka Beauty Lounge Ladies’ salon, Damac Maison Bay’s Edge (0.3 km)


Elegante Tailoring shop, The Oberoi Centre (0.4 km)

Bay Laundry Laundrette, Bay Avenue Mall & Park (0.4 km)

The Sewing Corner Tailoring shop, Bay Avenue Mall & Park (0.4 km)

Royal Unique Flowers Flower shop, Bay Avenue Mall & Park (0.4 km)


Bare Fitness Centre Gym, Clover Bay (0.3 km)

GFX Gym, Bay Avenue Mall & Park (0.4 km)

Warehouse Gym Gym, O14 (0.7 km)


The Binary has many schools nearby including Japanese School Dubai at 1.4 km. And JSS Private School LLC at 1.6 km.

In terms of performance there are eight schools nearby that have achieved either of. Two highest government inspection rating of ‘Very Good’ or ‘Outstanding’. Including Horizon English School Dubai which has a rating of ‘Outstanding’. And Jumeirah English Speaking School which has a rating of ‘Outstanding’.

Horizon English School Dubai

1.7 km, Al Safa

Horizon English School has a rich history of providing quality education to students. In its 30 years of educational experience, the school has never rested on its laurels. And has continuously strived to achieve academic excellence. This has made it one of the best primary schools in Dubai.

HES has adopted a ‘school that cares’ ethos in all its activities, ensuring that students reach their full potential. The school has recruited some of the best experts in Dubai, in science, mathematics and English. A designed learning environment plays a role in student development.

The HES syllabus designed to teach students the skills to help them navigate their academic aspirations. The staff ensures that students experience educational adventures, discoveries and a lifetime of beautiful memories.

Horizon English School staff impart critical thinking skills to students. Teachers strongly believe that critical thinking helps maintain lasting working relationships and acquire skills for a successful life.

HES offers an exceptional range of extracurricular activities for the development of social and personal skills. Management encourages students to participate in sports, art and music classes.

The addition of a new STEM lab makes it easier for students to participate in technology-based enrichment activities. Students who graduate from HES offered a place at Horizon International School. Al Najah Education’s secondary campus.

Global Indian International School Dubai

1.8 km, Al Quoz

Global Indian International School? By building a culture of excellence and innovation in our teaching over the years. GIIS recognized among the best international schools in Dubai.

The excellent facilities and quality learning that students receive at GIIS make us a highly sought after Indian International School. For parents and students looking for Indian schools in Dubai,

GIIS is a great choice. At GIIS, we focus intensely only on academics, on the well-being of our students. We strongly believe that happiness is the key to a fruitful learning experience. And our school environment promises to transform students into lifelong happy learners.

As one of the best international schools in Dubai, GIIS provides a values-based education. And cultural awareness – factors that have led many of our students to become. Truly global citizens and highly valued professionals.

Our excellent academic offering and our commitment to the growth of. Each student are factors that make us the best Indian school in Dubai.


Explore communities that adjacent or close to The Binary.

Downtown Dubai (1.3 km)

City Walk (2.0 km)


Car commuting times

From The Binary, it takes approximately 8 minutes to drive to Dubai Mall, 22 minutes to Palm Jumeirah. 20 minutes to Burj Al Arab and 25 minutes to The Walk JBR.*

Airport proximity

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is approximately 18 minutes’ drive away. And the new Al Maktoum International Airport is approximately 45 minutes’ drive away.*

The Binary Office building Design

images depicting the initial concept designs for Mohammed Bin Rashid Library.

Projects often go a number of design revisions as. They progress and developers may.

Or may not honour their original plans it comes to architectural designs, amenities and landscaping. The images below are provided as. A means to compare the original plans with the realised development.


The map below shows the location of Bayz by Danube. And just below are summaries of the nearest attractions, parks, beaches, golf clubs and cinemas.

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The Binary Office building in Business Bay, Dubai