AB Plaza 6 Building in Barsha Heights, Dubai WITH 15 floors.

Building Detail

  • Residential building (High-rise building)
  • Complete
  • 15 floors
  • AB Plaza 6 is a 15-story residential building in Barsha Heights, Dubai.

SHOPS NEARBY AB Plaza 6 Building

The amount of shops and amenities that are within walking distance can. Greatly affect the quality of life and can be a key factor in choosing a place to live. Here is an analysis of all commercial outlets currently operating around AB Plaza 6.

There are dozens of shops within walking distance of AB Plaza 6. We have selected the closest ones in various categories:


  • Unit. Gym, The Onyx (0.9 km)


  • Alwan Alrabee Laundry. Laundrette, Liwa Tower (0.2 km)
  • Roland DG Creative Center. Print shop, Smart Heights (0.4 km)
  • Thawani Laundry. Laundrette, Alamir Barsha Heights (0.3 km)
  • Color Wings. Print shop, Smart Heights (0.4 km)


  • Hair By Us. Ladies’ salon, Auris Inn Al Muhanna Hotel (0.1 km)
  • Square Cut Gents Saloon. Men’s salon, Two Towers TECOM (0.2 km)
  • Reine Ladies Beauty Saloon. Ladies’ salon, Two Towers TECOM (0.2 km)
  • Dial A Nail Beauty Salon. Ladies’ salon, Cayan Business Center (0.3 km)


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  • Topcare Pharmacy. Pharmacy, Two Towers TECOM (0.2 km)
  • Dental Studio. Dental clinic, Cayan Business Center (0.3 km)
  • People’s Pharmacy. Pharmacy, Vista Tower (0.4 km)
  • Viva Pharmacy. Pharmacy, Thuraya Head Office (0.5 km)


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  • Ucci Sushi Restaurant. Restaurant, Auris Inn Al Muhanna Hotel (0.1 km)
  • Cafe Lanoisette. Restaurant, Liwa Tower (0.2 km)


  • Gooday Market. Supermarket, MiNC Hotel Apartments Tecom (0.1 km)
  • Speedway Mini Mart. Supermarket, Liwa Tower (0.2 km)
  • Towers Supermarket. Supermarket, Yas 1 (0.2 km)


AB Plaza 6 has many schools nearby including. Regent International School at 0.7 km and American School of Dubai at 0.8 km.

In terms of performance there are nine schools nearby that have achieved either of two highest government inspection rating of. ‘Very Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ including GEMS Dubai American Academy which has a rating of. ‘Outstanding’ and Dubai College which has a rating of ‘Outstanding’.

Regent International School

0.7 km, The Greens

Regent International School consistently rated ‘Good’ by the KHDA inspectorate, scoring. ‘Very Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ individually in English, Mathematics and Science.

In the 2018 Regent International KHDA report, we find it difficult to understand. Why the school did not receive at a rating of. “Very Good” with a weaker rating limited only to the teaching of. Arabic subjects (a general weakness of most English-language schools). Administration and Planning ( of the former securing a rating of ” Good”.

Our opinion, based on our own visits, benchmark school data. And feedback from parents, teachers and children, is that Regent International. School more warrants at a ‘Very Good’ rating, and we believe the. KHDA rating justifies it based on our own conditions. .

Regent International School missed out on the Outstanding in Leadership, Facilities and Administration rating. This will largely to significant pressures to plan the new school in line with the running of the existing school.

This pressure should dissipate Sun marke comes on stream and beds – and Regent International School, as a specialist primary school. Will given the freedom to focus on specialist services for its younger children.

Next Generation School

1.4 km, Al Barsha

Next Generation School founded in 2016. Defines its curriculum as American Islam; Islamic teachings reflected in its campus and curriculum. The school offers classes from KG to 8th and committed to designing a challenging curriculum for students.
Arabic education and Islamic studies are two important subjects. As required by the Ministry of Education, the Arabic curriculum focuses on. The development of the key areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

includes teaching. The Qur’an along with a strong emphasis on correct recitation and understanding of tajweed, biography. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other tenets of the Islamic faith.
Project-based learning (PBL) an important part of the curriculum implemented through student-centered practice and involves a dynamic classroom approach. According to KHDA Next Generation assessments and reports, pupils’ achievements in all key subjects are acceptable or expected. Given the opportunity, students were eager and eager to take on the responsibility.
Most teacher-led lessons. Students show creativity and act as

American School of Dubai

0.8 km, Al Barsha

The American School of Dubai is an independent, non-profit. An American school with an international pre-K through Grade 12 curriculum offering an American education.

A school established in 1966 and known as Jumeirah American School located in Al-Barsha Community in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Student activities and opportunities take into account American tastes infused with traditional Arab culture and values.
The school allows students to go beyond what they thought possible academically.

And this personally and to ensure their emotional and social growth and offers a wide range of extracurricular activities within. A weekly schedule for a range of extracurricular activities.
Dubai Arabian American Private School is a cosmopolitan school that welcomes students of all nationalities. He tries to give his young people a comprehensive understanding. The


Explore communities that are adjacent or close to AB Plaza 6.

The Greens (0.6 km)

The Lakes (1.7 km)

Dubai Media City (2.4 km)

Emirates Living (2.8 km)

Sufouh Gardens (2.0 km

AB Plaza 6 Milestones

Construction Started : 2005

Date Completed : 2009


Commute times by car

From Saraya it takes roughly 16 minutes to drive to Dubai Mall, 10 minutes to. Palm Jumeirah, 13 minutes to Burj Al Arab and 13 minutes to The Walk JBR.*

Airport proximity

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is roughly 24 minutes’ drive and the new. Al Maktoum International Airport is roughly 34 minutes’ drive.*

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AB Plaza 6 Building in Barsha Heights, Dubai