AG Tower Building in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai

Building Details :

  • Building type : Office building (Skyscraper)
  • Building : Complete
  • Floors : 37 floors
  • Unit type: Offices and shops
  • Plot : The project is located on plot I1.
  • Developer: DMCC
  • Location: Jumeirah Lake Tower (JLT)
  • Overview : AG Tower is a modern skyscraper located within the Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. JLT is a prestigious mixed-use development that features a collection of residential, commercial, and retail properties surrounding a series of man-made lakes and landscaped gardens.

AG Tower Building Description :

Silver Tower, also known as AG Tower, stands as a prominent high-rise commercial building situated in Cluster I within the vibrant Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) area of Dubai. Nestled just off First Al Khail Street, this architectural marvel encompasses an impressive 37 floors, each designed to cater to various business needs.

The tower serves as a hub for both office spaces and retail establishments, available for both rent and sale, accommodating a diverse range of enterprises. Its offerings extend beyond mere workspace, as it also provides convenient amenities such as covered parking to ensure the ease of access for both occupants and visitors. In addition, a robust 24-hour security system is in place, prioritizing the safety and security of everyone within the premises.

The project is a testament to the vision of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), showcasing their commitment to creating dynamic and thriving business environments. With its strategic location in the bustling JLT community and its comprehensive facilities, Silver Tower serves as a prime destination for businesses seeking a blend of convenience, accessibility, and modern infrastructure in one of Dubai’s key commercial districts.

Key Highlight Of AG Tower Building :

AG Tower Building includes a Covered parking, high-speed elevators, CCTV system, intercom etc.

Intercom :

The intercom system allows communication between different parts of the building. This can be used for various purposes, such as communicating with the building management, security personnel, or other residents. It serves as a means of easy and direct communication within the premises.

Elevators :

The tower is equipped with advanced high-speed elevators that efficiently transport people between different floors of the building. These elevators are designed to minimize waiting times and provide swift vertical transportation.

Covered Parking :

The building offers a parking area that is protected from the elements, ensuring that vehicles are shielded from weather conditions like rain, sun, and snow. This adds an extra layer of convenience and protection for those who use the parking facilities.


Security staff is present round the clock and is equipped with a CCTV system. The maintenance personnel maintain the building’s pristine condition.

Nearest Venue`s :

Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park : 6 min (1.7 km)

Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park is a green oasis nestled within the vibrant Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) area in Dubai. It offers a serene escape from the urban hustle and bustle, featuring lush lawns, walking paths, and seating areas. This park is a popular spot for residents and visitors alike to unwind, have picnics, jog, or simply enjoy some quiet time amidst nature.

JBR Beach : 8 min (4.5 km)

JBR Beach is a stunning public beach located along the Jumeirah Beach Residence area in Dubai. With its pristine sandy shores and clear blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, it’s a favorite destination for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports enthusiasts. The beach promenade is lined with shops, cafes, and recreational activities, making it a lively hub for both relaxation and entertainment.

Club Lab Golf : 8 min (1.8 km)

Club Lab Golf is likely a golf club or golf-related facility. Unfortunately, I don’t have specific information about this venue. However, golf clubs typically offer golf courses, practice areas, and sometimes clubhouses with dining options, making them ideal for golf enthusiasts to refine their skills and enjoy the sport.

Roxy Cinemas The Beach JBR : 9 min (4.4 km)

Roxy Cinemas is a well-known cinema chain in the UAE, and “The Beach JBR” refers to a popular outdoor shopping and dining destination called “The Beach” located in the Jumeirah Beach Residence area of Dubai. The Roxy Cinemas at The Beach JBR offers a cinematic experience where you can watch the latest movies in a comfortable setting. The location within The Beach JBR provides moviegoers with the opportunity to combine their cinema visit with shopping, dining, and beachfront leisure.

Nearest Shops Around AG Tower Building :

An analysis has done to provide information about commercial outlets near AG Tower Building. These outlets include a variety of shops and amenities conveniently located nearby. The purpose of this analysis is to help visitors. AG Tower Building make informed decisions about where to shop, dine and explore entertainment options.

Grab Mini Mart : 6 min (3.6 km)

Grab Mini Mart is a convenience store or a small supermarket that offers a variety of everyday products and essentials. It’s a convenient place to quickly grab items like snacks, beverages, household supplies, personal care products, and sometimes even basic groceries.

Little Bangkok Restaurant : 5 min (2.4 km)

Little Bangkok is a restaurant that specializes in Thai cuisine. It’s a place where you can enjoy a range of dishes inspired by the flavors and cooking techniques of Thailand. From spicy curries to savory stir-fries and aromatic rice dishes, Little Bangkok likely offers a diverse menu of traditional Thai food.

Life Pharmacy : 5 min (2.0 km)

Life Pharmacy is a pharmacy or drugstore that provides prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, health and wellness products, as well as personal care items. Pharmacies like Life Pharmacy are essential for filling prescriptions, receiving medical advice, and purchasing various healthcare products.

The Grooming Lounge Men’s salon : 6 min (2.5 km)

The Grooming Lounge is a specialized salon tailored for men’s grooming needs. It offers services such as haircuts, shaves, beard trims, and other grooming treatments. It’s a place where men can go to get well-maintained and stylish looks.

Vogue Fitness Gym : 5 min (2.2 km)

Vogue Fitness Gym is a fitness center where people can engage in various exercise routines to improve their physical health and fitness levels. It likely offers a range of equipment and classes to help individuals with strength training, cardio workouts, and overall wellness.


AG Tower Building has several schools, such Emirates International School Meadows (1.5 km) and Regent International School (2.1 km). Of these, six schools achieved the highest official inspection rating of ‘very good’ or ‘outstanding’. Including Dubai British School Jumeirah Park (‘outstanding’) and The Winchester School (‘very good’).

Emirates International School Meadows :

Emirates International School Meadows is a educational institution located in the Meadows community of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is part of a network of schools under the Emirates International Schools group. The school offers educational programs for students from kindergarten through to high school levels.

The school’s location in the Meadows community known for its serene and family-friendly environment. The Meadows area characterized by its well-maintained landscapes, parks, and recreational facilities. The school itself likely benefits from this peaceful and green surroundings, providing students with a conducive environment for learning and personal development.

Emirates International School Meadows likely equipped with modern facilities such as classrooms, laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, and potentially even specialty areas for art and music.

The Winchester School :

The Winchester School is a distinguished British private educational institution located in the vibrant Jebel Ali locality of Dubai, within the United Arab Emirates. With its foundation rooted in excellence, The Winchester School holds the distinction of being a registered international school, catering to a diverse range of students from FS-1 (Foundation Stage 1) to Year 13.

At The Winchester School, our commitment to providing a world-class educational experience is unwavering. We pride ourselves on nurturing young minds and fostering an environment where academic growth and personal development go hand in hand. With a student body of over 3,800 enrolled individuals, our institution thrives as a dynamic hub of learning and exploration.

From the early stages of a child’s educational journey in Foundation Stage 1 through the final year of Year 13, we prioritize a holistic approach to education. This approach encompasses not only academic proficiency but also the cultivation of essential life skills, character development, and a global perspective. Through a curriculum that blends the time-honored traditions of British education with the demands of the modern world, we empower our students to thrive in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

At The Winchester School, our mission to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where each student’s unique talents are recognized, celebrated, and honed. We believe in fostering a sense of curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for learning that extends far beyond the classroom.

With our dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to innovation, The Winchester School stands as a beacon of educational excellence in the heart of Dubai. As we continue to shape the leaders and achievers of tomorrow. We remain dedicated to upholding the values that have defined our institution and contributed to its remarkable legacy.

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park :

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park is an educational institution located in the Jumeirah Park area of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a school that follows the British curriculum, offering a quality education to students in the region. The school is likely to provide a comprehensive and balanced learning experience. Incorporating academic subjects, extracurricular activities, and personal development opportunities.

Being situated in the Jumeirah Park area, the school likely to benefit from a well-developed and convenient location. Jumeirah Park a residential community known for its family-friendly environment and modern infrastructure. This could make the school easily accessible to students living in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The “nearest venues” to the Dubai British School Jumeirah Park could include various facilities and establishments in its vicinity. These might encompass shopping centers, parks, restaurants, and recreational spots. Offering students, parents, and staff members a range of options for leisure and daily needs.

In summary, Dubai British School Jumeirah Park a British curriculum-based educational institution situated in the Jumeirah Park area of Dubai. Its location in a well-established community likely provides a conducive environment for learning and personal growth. And the nearby venues could enhance the overall experience of students and families associated with the school.


Blue waters Island (2.4 km)

Emirates Living (2.3 km)

The Meadows (1.1 km)

Jumeirah Beach Residence (1.3 km)


AG Tower Building is conveniently located within reasonable driving distance to several popular destinations in Dubai. Here’s a summary of the approximate driving times from the hotel to these locations :

Dubai Mall : 20 minutes

Palm Jumeirah : 12 minutes

Burj Al Arab : 17 minutes

The Walk JBR : 12 minute

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AG Tower Building in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai