Al Fattan Currency House in Dubai International Financial Centre

Building Detail :

  • Multi-building complex
  • Complete
  • Al Fattan Currency House is a multi-building complex in Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai.
  • The development comprises two individual buildings: Currency House Offices and Currency House Residence.

Currency House, also known as Al Fattan Currency House, is a commercial complex of two buildings. Tower 1 has 10 storeys while Tower 2 has 34 floors. The project was developed by Al Fattan Properties. Both the buildings have high-end offices. There is a four-level basement and two-level podium parking in the complex with a capacity of 1,200 vehicles. Four levels of the complex have retail stores, cafes and restaurants. The tower is a perfect example of outstanding architectural design and modern construction. 

Dubai International Financial Centre or DIFC is home to high-end retailers, internationally acclaimed art galleries and numerous restaurants. It is a major global financial hub for Africa, South Asia and the Middle East markets. It is a popular district in Dubai spread over an area of 110 hectares. Apart from commercial facilities, the area is also a residential community that is ideal for those who want to live in a buzzing and lively area.


Al Fattan Currency House has many schools nearby including Citizens School at 1.6 km and Jumeira Baccalaureate School at 2.3 km.

In terms of performance there are eight schools nearby that have achieved either of two highest government inspection rating of ‘Very Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ including Horizon English School Dubai which has a rating of ‘Outstanding’ and Dubai English Speaking School which also has a rating of ‘Outstanding’.

Japanese School Dubai

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In most cases, you will be introduced to your schools before your first day on the job. You will meet with a representative from each school, probably the head of the English program, and probably the principal and vice-principal as well. You should be shown your desk, shoebox, and other things that concern you, and you will probably be asked to introduce yourself briefly to the other teachers, preferably in Japanese.

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It is possible that there will be an official welcome from the students where you will have to give another introduction, this time in English. If you arrive at the beginning of the Japanese school year (April). You will introduced to the school.

Jumeira Baccalaureate School

Character education teaches the acquisition and strengthening of virtues. Its purpose is to develop confident and compassionate students who are successful learners and responsible citizens, with the ultimate goal of flourishing in the trials of life. This means not only being happy, but fulfilling your potential. Our character education program is therefore an explicit, planned and reflective approach to developing positive character strengths in our students from Pre-KG to 12th grade.

JBS believes that character education and the IB educational philosophy are natural. IB learner profile traits and IB approaches to learning skills are also building blocks of character. We teach our students intellectual virtues such as critical thinking, creative problem solving. Reflection, ingenuity and curiosity; moral virtues such as humility, compassion. Integrity and respect; civic virtues such as volunteerism, citizenship, service. And community awareness; and performance virtues such as trust, cooperation, motivation, persistence and resilience.

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Dubai Autism Center

The culture of Dubai Autism Center (DAC) is to involve all members in offering accredited programs that will offer the necessary support to children who live under the oppression of autism. DAC trains its professionals to be competent in dealing with children with autism and to understand the needs of these children. All members must work to make DAC an internationally recognized center offering autism counseling in the UAE region.

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Explore communities that are adjacent or close to Al Fattan Currency House.

Al Kifaf (2.8 km)

Bur Dubai (4.7 km)


From Al Fattan Currency House it takes roughly 5 minutes to drive to Dubai Mall, 19 minutes to Palm. Jumeirah, 18 minutes to Burj Al Arab and 23 minutes to The Walk JBR.*

Airport proximity

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is roughly 15 minutes’ drive and the new. Al Maktoum International Airport is roughly 45 minutes’ drive.*

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Al Fattan Currency House in Dubai International Financial Centre