Al Nayli is a nine-storey residential building in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai.

Building Details:

Building type: Residential building

Status: Complete

Floors: 9

Area: Dubai Silicon Oasis

Overview: Al Nayli is a nine-storey residential building in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai.

The Al Nayli Building a commercial building located in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Which a technology park situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Silicon Oasis designed to be a hub for technology and innovation, attracting businesses and startups in the technology sector.

Key Description of the Al Nayli Building:

Location: Dubai Silicon Oasis is located on the outskirts of Dubai, about 17 kilometers from the city center. It conveniently situated near major highways and transportation links, allowing for easy access to other parts of Dubai.

Purpose: The Al Nayli Building, like other structures in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Primarily intended to provide office spaces for businesses in the technology and innovation sectors. It aims to foster a collaborative and conducive environment for companies involved in research, development, and technology-based activities.

Facilities and Amenities: Commercial buildings in Dubai Silicon Oasis typically offer modern and well-equipped office spaces. They may include amenities as high-speed internet connectivity, meeting rooms, conference facilities, parking spaces, restaurants, and cafeterias, among others. Some buildings might have recreational facilities or green spaces for relaxation.

Technology Infrastructure: Given its focus on technology and innovation. The Al Nayli Building and other structures in the area expected to have advanced technology infrastructure. This may include provisions for high-speed internet, advanced telecommunications systems. And other technological requirements essential for the operations of technology-based companies.

Environment and Sustainability: Dubai Silicon Oasis places a significant emphasis on sustainability and green initiatives. The Al Nayli Building might incorporate energy-efficient features. Environmentally friendly practices, and sustainable design elements to align with the vision of the area

Key Highlight of the Al Nayli Building:

Each tower within the Nayli Building typically Key Highlights. As a bed room, lounge, kitchen, parking, park, swimming pool and GYM etc. The specific Key Highlights may vary from building to building.

Bed Room:

TV Lounge:


Swimming Pool:


Nearest Venue`s:


Grab n Go Minimart: 0.3 km

Grab n Go Minimart is a convenience store located in the Al Nayli Building. Within the vibrant community of Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai. This minimart provides a convenient shopping experience for residents and visitors. Offering a wide range of essential items and everyday necessities.

Location: Grab n Go Minimart situated in the Al Nayli Building. Which a prominent residential and commercial complex within Dubai Silicon Oasis. Dubai Silicon Oasis is a renowned free zone technology park that houses numerous companies, residences, educational institutions, and recreational facilities.

Products and Services: The minimart caters to the diverse needs of its customers by providing a comprehensive selection of products. From groceries and snacks to personal care items and household supplies. Grab n Go Minimart offers a convenient one-stop shopping experience. The store well-stocked with fresh produce, beverages, canned goods, dairy products, frozen foods, confectionery, toiletries, and more.

The store offers services like bill payment, mobile recharge, and basic utility services. Making it a convenient hub for various daily needs. The friendly and helpful staff ensures that customers have a pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience.


Falafil Al Rabiah Al Khadra: 0.1 km

Flames of Flavors Al Nayli Building is a renowned culinary destination located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai. Situated in one of the most vibrant and rapidly developing areas of the city. This establishment has become a go-to spot for food enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Key Features:

Location: Flames of Flavors Al Nayli Building is conveniently located in Dubai Silicon Oasis. A technology park and free zone known for its innovation and dynamic business environment. The building’s strategic position attracts a diverse crowd, including residents, professionals, and tourists.

Culinary Excellence: The establishment prides itself on offering a wide array of culinary options, catering to various tastes and preferences. The building houses a collection of restaurants, cafes, and food outlets, each offering a unique dining experience. From local Emirati delicacies to international cuisines, visitors can indulge in a gastronomic journey that satisfies every palate.

Diversity of Dining Options: Flames of Flavors Al Nayli Building is home to a plethora of dining options. Ranging from casual cafes to upscale fine-dining restaurants. Visitors are seeking a quick bite, a family-friendly atmosphere, or an elegant dining experience. They can find it all within the building’s premises.

Ambiance and Design: The building boasts modern architecture and contemporary design elements, providing a visually appealing and welcoming ambiance. The interior spaces thoughtfully designed, taking into consideration functionality. And aesthetics, ensuring that guests have a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience.


Medicure Clinic: 0.5 km

The clinic conveniently situated in Al Nayli Building within the Dubai Silicon Oasis. A dynamic and vibrant free zone technology park in Dubai. The address of the clinic not mentioned, it advised to check the latest information regarding its location.

Services and Specialties: Medicure Clinic provides a wide array of medical services to. Cater to the diverse healthcare needs of individuals. Some of the specialties and services offered at the clinic may include:

General Medicine: The clinic offers general medical consultations, health check-ups, and preventive care services.

Pediatrics: Pediatricians at Medicure Clinic provide specialized healthcare services for infants, children. And adolescents, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, and treatment of common childhood illnesses.

Internal Medicine: The clinic has experienced internists who focus on diagnosing and treating diseases affecting internal organs. Providing comprehensive care for various medical conditions.

Dermatology: The clinic may have dermatologists who specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions related to the skin. Hair, and nails, including common skin diseases, cosmetic procedures, and dermatological surgery.

Obstetrics and Gynecology: Medicure Clinic may have a team of obstetricians and gynecologists. Who provide comprehensive care for women, including prenatal care. Gynecological examinations, family planning, and management of reproductive health issues.


Al Marfa Star Ladies Salon: 0.1

Al Marfa Star Ladies Salon is a well-known beauty salon located in. The Al Nayli Building in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai. Dubai Silicon Oasis is a vibrant and rapidly developing community known for its technological advancements and innovation. The salon conveniently situated in this bustling area, providing easy access to residents and visitors.

Here is some information about Al Marfa Star Ladies Salon:

Services Offered: Al Marfa Star Ladies Salon offers a wide range of beauty services. To cater to the needs of its diverse clientele. The salon specializes in various hair, nail, and skin treatments, including haircuts. Hairstyling, coloring, highlights, keratin treatments, manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, facials, waxing, and threading. They provide makeup services for special occasions, as weddings or parties.

Professional Staff: The salon takes pride in its team of highly skilled. And experienced professionals who trained in the latest techniques and trends in the beauty industry. The staff members dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Relaxing Environment: Al Marfa Star Ladies Salon offers a comfortable. And welcoming ambiance where clients can relax and enjoy their beauty treatments. The salon designed to create a serene atmosphere, allowing customers to unwind and indulge in a pampering experience.

Quality Products: The salon uses high-quality beauty products from renowned brands to ensure the best results for their customers. The use of top-notch products contributes to the effectiveness and longevity of the treatments.


The Laundry Basket: 0.2 km

The Laundry Basket Al Nayli Building is a prominent facility located in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), Dubai, United Arab Emirates. DSO is a technology park and residential community that provides a conducive environment for businesses and residents alike. The Laundry Basket Al Nayli Building, within this dynamic locality. Offers a range of laundry and dry-cleaning services to cater to the needs of its customers.

Key Features:

Convenient Location: The Laundry Basket Al Nayli Building strategically situated in Dubai Silicon Oasis. A well-connected area that enjoys easy access to major highways and transportation links. This ensures that customers can easily drop off and collect their laundry without hassle.

Comprehensive Laundry Services: The Laundry Basket Al Nayli Building provides a wide range of laundry. And dry-cleaning services, catering to various items as clothing, linens, curtains, and more. They employ modern equipment and techniques to ensure efficient and high-quality cleaning results.

Professional Staff: The facility staffed by a team of experienced professionals. Who trained to handle different types of fabrics and garments. They prioritize customer satisfaction and pay attention to detail to ensure that each item treated with care.

Quick Turnaround Time: The Laundry Basket Al Nayli Building aims to provide swift and reliable services to its customers. They strive to complete laundry and dry-cleaning orders within the specified timelines, allowing customers to conveniently plan their schedules.


The nearest schools to Al Nayli Building will depend on its specific location. This suggests that the quality of education offered at these schools very high. And can an attractive option for families with school-going children looking to relocate near Al Nayli building.

Ignite School

The Ignite School Al Nayli Building is a prominent educational facility located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As part of the Ignite School network. The Al Nayli Building offers a modern and innovative learning environment for students in Dubai.

Location: The Ignite School Al Nayli Building situated within the Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) community. A vibrant and technology-focused free zone in Dubai. DSO known for its advanced infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, and emphasis on education and innovation.

Campus Facilities: The Al Nayli Building boasts a purpose-built campus designed to facilitate holistic learning experiences. The facility equipped with spacious classrooms, cutting-edge laboratories. A well-stocked library, a multipurpose auditorium, and dedicated areas for sports and extracurricular activities. The school committed to creating an environment that nurtures the intellectual, physical. And social development of its students.

Academic Programs: Ignite School Al Nayli Building offers a comprehensive and internationally recognized curriculum. The school follows a blended approach to education, combining the best of British and American teaching methodologies. The curriculum emphasizes inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and skill development to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century.

Faculty: The school prides itself on a team of highly qualified and experienced educators. Who are passionate about teaching and dedicated to the success of their students. The faculty members at Ignite School Al Nayli Building create a supportive. And engaging learning environment, fostering a love for learning and academic excellence.


The Neighborhoods specific geographic areas where people reside and interact. And can defined by various factors geography, culture, or shared interests. They have a significant impact on residents’ daily lives. Including access to amenities and services, social connections, safety, and quality of life.

Al Liwan Building 1

Al Liwan Building 1 and Al Nayli Building are two prominent residential buildings located in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO). A thriving technology park and residential community in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Here’s some information about these buildings:

Al Liwan Building 1:

Al Liwan Building 1 a modern residential tower situated within the Dubai Silicon Oasis community.

It offers a range of residential units, including apartments and townhouses, designed to cater to different lifestyle needs.

The building boasts a contemporary architectural design and offers a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

Residents of Al Liwan Building 1 can enjoy a host of amenities, including swimming pools. Fitness centers, landscaped gardens, and dedicated parking spaces.

The building equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.

Liwan Building 1 provides convenient access to various retail outlets, dining options, and recreational facilities within Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Al Nayli Building:

Al Nayli Building is notable residential development within Dubai Silicon Oasis.

It offers a mix of residential units, including spacious apartments and penthouses, designed to provide comfort and luxury.

The building features contemporary architecture and stylish interiors, with a focus on providing residents with a sophisticated living environment.

Residents of Al Nayli Building can enjoy a range of amenities swimming pools, fitness centers. Landscaped gardens, and dedicated parking spaces.

The building equipped with advanced security systems, including CCTV surveillance. And access control, ensuring the safety and privacy of its residents.

Al Nayli Building benefits from its location within Dubai Silicon Oasis. Offering easy access to various technology companies, educational institutions, shopping centers, and recreational facilities.


Al Nayli Building is a residential building is conveniently located within reasonable driving distance to several popular destinations in Dubai. Here’s a summary of the approximate driving times from the hotel to these locations:

Dubai Mall: 18 minutes

Palm Jumeirah: 28 minutes

The Walk JBR: 31 minutes

Burj Al Arab: 27 minutes

Dubai International Airport: 18 minutes

Al Maktoum International Airport: 38 minutes

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Al Nayli Building in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai