Bloom Heights Building in Jumeirah Village Circle

Bloom Heights Building in Jumeirah Village Circle

Building Details :

  • Building Type : Multi-building complex.
  • Building : Complete.
  • Floors : 35 floors + 30 floors.
  • Units : 686 units.
  • Unit Layouts : A mix of studios, one- , two- and three-bedroom apartments.
  • Sub-buildings : The development comprises two individual buildings Bloom Heights 1 and Bloom Heights 2.
  • Location : JVC District 15, Jumeirah Village Circle ( JVC ), Dubai.

Building Description :

Bloom Heights Building stands as a splendid testament to modern living in the heart of the vibrant Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) District 15, Dubai. This multi-building complex redefines the essence of contemporary urban lifestyle, offering a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality.

Nestled in the picturesque Jumeirah Village Circle, Bloom Heights Building is a beacon of sophistication, comprising multiple buildings that seamlessly integrate into the dynamic cityscape. Each structure is a distinctive masterpiece, contributing to the allure of this sought-after residential haven.

The complex is more than just a collection of buildings; it’s a community where elegance meets convenience. From its meticulously designed architecture to its thoughtfully curated amenities, Bloom Heights Building caters to the diverse needs of its residents. Expect nothing less than a symphony of comfort, style, and convenience as you step into this oasis in the heart of Dubai. Beyond the boundaries of your residence,

Bloom Heights Building invites you to indulge in a world of possibilities. Whether it’s the meticulously landscaped surroundings, the communal spaces designed for social interaction, or the proximity to the pulsating energy of JVC, this complex embodies a lifestyle that effortlessly blends tranquility with the vibrancy of urban living.

Key Highlight Of Building :

Bloom Heights Building including wardrobes, Gymnasium, Dining Outlets, Children’s play area, Outdoor jogging track, Service Elevators, Swimming Pool, Covered Parking and CCTV Security.

Wardrobes :

Each living space comes equipped with built-in wardrobes, providing residents with convenient storage solutions for their belongings.


Gymnasium :

There is a fitness center within the building, equipped with exercise machines and equipment, allowing residents to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle without having to leave the premises.


Dining Outlets :

The building likely has dining options on-site or in close proximity, providing residents with the convenience of easily accessible food and beverage establishments.

Children’s Play Area :

For families with children, there is a designated play area where kids can engage in recreational activities and have a safe and enjoyable environment to play.


Outdoor Jogging Track :

Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of an outdoor jogging track, providing a dedicated space for residents to engage in running or walking exercises in the open air.

Outdoor Jogging Track

Service Elevators :

In addition to regular elevators, there are service elevators available. These are likely designed for the transportation of goods, furniture, or other larger items to assist residents during moves or deliveries.

Swimming Pool :

The building features a swimming pool, offering residents a refreshing recreational space to relax and enjoy leisure time.

Swimming Pool

Covered Parking :

Residents have access to covered parking spaces, providing protection for their vehicles from the elements.

Covered Parking

CCTV Security :

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are installed throughout the premises to enhance security and monitor the common areas, ensuring the safety of residents and their belongings.

CCTV Security

Nearest Venue’s :

Sider Park :

2 min (350 m)

Sider Park is a popular recreational destination featuring lush greenery, walking paths, and various recreational facilities. It provides a serene escape from the bustling city life, offering opportunities for picnics, sports activities, and relaxation amidst nature. The park is well-maintained and has a lake, making it a great spot for families, joggers, and nature enthusiasts.

Dubai Miracle Garden :

12 min (12.3 km)

Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden, showcasing an impressive array of vibrant flowers and unique floral arrangements. It is a seasonal attraction, usually open from November to April when the weather in Dubai is more suitable for the flourishing of flowers. The garden features elaborate designs, heart-shaped archways, and themed displays, making it a visually stunning and Instagram-worthy destination for visitors.

Reel Cinemas at The Springs Souk :

14 min (8.3 km)

Reel Cinemas at The Springs Souk is a modern cinema complex offering a contemporary movie-watching experience. With state-of-the-art technology, comfortable seating, and a variety of movie options, it provides entertainment for individuals and families alike. The Springs Souk itself is a shopping and dining destination, making it convenient for moviegoers to combine their cinema experience with other leisure activities.

Reel Cinemas at The Springs Souk

Nearest Shops Around Building

An analysis has done to provide information about the commercial outlets near Bloom Heights Building. These outlets include a variety of shops and amenities conveniently located nearby. The purpose of this analysis is to help visitors. Bloom Heights Building makes informed decisions about where to shop, dine and explore entertainment options.

Good Day Supermarket :

2 min (450 m)

Good Day Supermarket is one-stop shop for all your grocery needs. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of fresh produce, quality products, and friendly service. Whether you’re cooking up a family dinner or just need some everyday essentials, we’ve got you covered. At Good Day Supermarket, every day is a good day to shop.

The Hamper Restaurant :

2 min (450 m)

The Hamper Restaurant specialize in crafting exquisite culinary experiences, carefully curated to delight your taste buds. Our menu features a fusion of flavors and premium ingredients, ensuring a dining experience like no other. Join us for a memorable meal, where every dish is a masterpiece in itself. At The Hamper, we believe in the art of gastronomy.

Supercare Pharmacy :

3 min (650 m)

Supercare Pharmacy is more than just a pharmacy your health and wellness partners. Step into a world where your well-being is our priority. Our knowledgeable staff is here to provide personalized advice on medications, supplements, and overall health. From prescription refills to expert consultations, Supercare Pharmacy is your trusted destination for a healthier you.

Diva Nails Beauty Salon :

2 min (400 m)

Diva Nails Beauty Salon, where beauty meets indulgence. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty, offering a range of services from manicures to pedicures and everything in between. Step into our chic and relaxing space, and let us treat you like the diva you are. Your nails deserve the best, and so do you.


Prime Fitness Gym :

2 min (700 m)

Prime Fitness Gym, where your fitness journey begins and excellence never ends. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to inspire and motivate. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, our expert trainers and cutting-edge equipment are here to help you reach your fitness goals.



There are several schools in Bloom Heights Building, such Arcadia School (1.5 km) and Victory Heights Primary School (2.1 km). Six of these schools achieved the highest official inspection rating of ‘very good’ or ‘outstanding’ Sunmarke School (‘Outstanding’) and Dubai Schools Al Barsha (‘Excellent’).

Arcadia School

Arcadia School is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of education, creativity, and community. Nestled in a realm where learning becomes an enchanting journey, Arcadia is not just a place where students gain knowledge; it’s a sanctuary where curiosity is nurtured, minds are ignited, and potentials are unfurled.

Picture a haven where the symphony of knowledge harmonizes with the rhythm of individual growth. Arcadia isn’t just about textbooks and exams; it’s a living, breathing entity that believes in the alchemy of inspiration. Here, students aren’t just pupils; they’re explorers, embarking on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the world around them.

The atmosphere within the walls of Arcadia School is a blend of intellectual curiosity and creative expression. Imagine a canvas where each student is a brushstroke, contributing to a masterpiece of shared understanding. Teachers are not mere instructors; they are mentors, guiding each student through the labyrinth of learning, fostering critical thinking and encouraging innovation. Community is the beating heart of Arcadia.

It’s not just a school; it’s a tapestry of diverse minds interwoven with respect and collaboration. Students don’t just coexist; they thrive in an environment that celebrates differences and cultivates empathy. Arcadia is more than an educational institution, it’s a beacon of intellectual enlightenment and personal growth.

It’s a place where the pursuit of knowledge is an exhilarating adventure, and every student is a protagonist in their own narrative of discovery. Welcome to Arcadia School, where education transcends the ordinary, and the journey of learning is as enchanting as the destination itself


Victory Heights (1.8 km)

Victory Heights is a residential community in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It’s known for its upscale villas and golf course. The neighborhood is designed to offer a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

The Springs (2.3 km)

The Springs is another residential development in Dubai, featuring a range of townhouses and villas set around scenic lakes. It is designed to provide a tranquil and family-friendly environment.

Sports City (2.4 km)

Dubai Sports City is a mixed-use development that caters to sports enthusiasts. It includes residential areas, sports facilities, and commercial spaces. The area designed to promote an active lifestyle with various sporting venues and amenities.

Jumeirah Village Triangle (2.0 km)

Jumeirah Village Triangle a residential community characterized by its well-planned infrastructure and diverse housing options, including villas and townhouses. It aims to offer a balanced and family-oriented living environment.


Bloom Heights Building is conveniently located within reasonable driving distance to several popular destinations in Dubai. Here’s a summary of the approximate driving times from the hotel to these locations :

Dubai Mall : 20 minutes

Palm Jumeirah : 15 minutes

Burj Al Arab : 17 minutes

The Walk JBR : `19 minute

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