City Walk Building 1 in City Walk, Dubai with 7 stories

Building Details

  • Mixed-use building
  • Complete 2016
  • 7 floors
  • City Walk Building 1 a seven-storey mixed-use building in City Walk, Al Wasl, Jumeirah, Dubai.
  • Construction began in Q3 2013 and completed by 2016.
  • The substructure contains one basement level which used for parking.

Shops Nearby City Walk Building 1

The number of shops and amenities that are within walking distance can greatly affect quality of life. And may be a key factor choosing a place to live. Here is an analysis of all the commercial outlets that are currently operating in. The vicinity of City Walk Building 1.

There are only a few outlets within walking distance of City Walk Building 1. We’ve shortlisted the nearest ones across various categories:


Allday Minimart Mini mart, The Hub at City Walk (0.1 km)

Sweet Surprises Sweet shop, The Courtyard at City Walk (0.3 km)

Casa Pons Sweet shop, The Courtyard at City Walk (0.3 km)


McCafe Restaurant, The Hub at City Walk (0.1 km)

Urth Caffè Restaurant, The Courtyard at City Walk (0.3 km)

Said Restaurant, The Courtyard at City Walk (0.3 km)

Da Michel Restaurant, The Courtyard at City Walk (0.3 km)


Eye Boutique Optician & eyewear shop, The Courtyard at City Walk (0.3 km)

Boots Pharmacy Pharmacy, The Piazza City Walk (0.6 km)

Life Pharmacy Pharmacy, The Piazza City Walk (0.6 km)

Al Jaber Optical Optician & eyewear shop, The Piazza City Walk (0.6 km)


N Bar Ladies’ salon, The Piazza City Walk (0.6 km)

1847 Executive Grooming Men’s salon, The Piazza City Walk (0.6 km)


City Walk Building 1 has many schools nearby including Citizens School at 0.2 km. And Jumeira Baccalaureate School at 1.5 km.

In terms of performance, there are nine schools in the area that have achieved either. The top two government inspections of ‘Very Good’ or ‘Outstanding’, including Horizon English School Dubai. Which has an ‘Outstanding’ rating, and Jumeirah English Speaking School, which has . “Excellent” rating.

Jumeira Baccalaureate School

1.5 km, Jumeirah 1

Jumeira Baccalaureate School an international school managed by the Taaleem Group. Offering an International Baccalaureate curriculum from Pre-KG to Grade 12. JBS is located in the heart of Jumeirah 1, Dubai.

The IB program offers a first-class research-based learning experience from Years 1 to 12. Which enables the young learner to prepare for an ever-changing future. JBS offers the IB Career-Related Program (IBCP) for older students.

Jumeira Baccalaureate School sets high academic standards and students encouraged to explore. Their passions and interests beyond school. The multicultural school has students of over 70 nationalities. Enabling students to respect and appreciate different cultures and diversity. JBS offers a high-quality education and a wide variety of extracurricular programs.

By fueling each student’s passion, goals and curiosity with challenges and high expectations. JBS prepares students for an age of innovation. Students will be confident, responsible. And respectful independent global citizens who embrace and celebrate diversity.

Citizens School

0.2 km, City Walk

The UAE education system divided into three categories: public schools, private schools and higher education institutions. Across the country, the education sector has witnessed colossal changes in the past five decades. From a few schools scattered across cities to a full-fledged education system.

Public schools follow the Ministry of Education’s local curriculum, private schools remain. The most favorable for expat parents for the variety of programs they offer.

In Dubai, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the government. Entity responsible for the growth and quality control of private education in Dubai.

KHDA supports schools, universities, parents, students, educators. Investors and government partners to create a high-quality education sector. Focused on happiness and well-being.

JSS Private School LLC

2.2 km, Al Wasl

Dubai currently has a total of 148 private schools in the emirate, offering 363,643 places. The quality of education in the city is constantly improving, with internationally recognized operators currently offering 16 different curricula.

The UK curriculum taught in 85 schools, followed by the US curriculum implemented in 38 schools. The Indian curriculum and the International Baccalaureate (IB) ranked third. And fourth, taught in 34 and 16 schools, respectively.

The teaching workforce in Dubai is extremely diverse; India, the United Kingdom, Egypt, the Philippines. And Ireland make up the top five nationalities of teachers currently working in Dubai schools.

Japanese School Dubai

it comes to higher education, Dubai ticks all the boxes for academic trailblazers and visionaries.

People from all over the globe chose to study in Dubai only to enjoy the city’s standard of living. Or gain access to the largest selection of renowned international universities. With plenty of accommodation choices, to take advantage of a fertile ground for future enablement and opportunity.

Backed by the government’s strategic vision and investment, Dubai’s reputation as. A knowledge-based economy supported by hosting over 60 globally respected international university campuses- the largest number anywhere in the world. 

you’re planning to study at a top tier university or college out. At Dubai International Academic City or headed to a similar campus located. Within Dubai Knowledge Park, monthly studio rental for students on a shoestring. Budget starts from US$450 in purpose-built shared accommodation. With other affordable options found in strategic locations near popular educational hubs.


Explore communities that adjacent or close to City Walk Building 1.

Downtown Dubai (1.5 km)

The Downtown Circle explores how, at this critical time in the country’s development. Architects and urban planners can move away from previous urban models of isolated skyscrapers. And move toward a more humane typology that seeks to mimic nature and create diverse public spaces.

As the global population grows and cities become more crowded, the structure of urban centers is changing. This phenomenon more pronounced in Dubai. Where rapid urbanization has fueled rapid urban growth characterized by skyscrapers and sprawl.

As an answer to the dilemma of how to build densely maintaining livability. The downtown circle project introduces sustainable and self-sufficient vertical urbanism. As a unique mega complex of buildings. It aims to create a hyper-efficient city center that gives back to the environment.

The proposed 550-meter-tall mega structure offers an alternative to the singular. And disconnected high-rises found in most metropolitan areas.


Car commuting times

From City Walk Building 1, it takes approximately 6 minutes to drive to Dubai Mall. 19 minutes to Palm Jumeirah, 17 minutes to Burj Al Arab and 22 minutes to The Walk JBR.*

Airport proximity

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is approximately 15 minutes’ drive away. And the new Al Maktoum International Airport is approximately 44 minutes’ drive away.*


The map below shows the location of City Walk Building 1. And the nearest attractions, parks, beaches, golf clubs and cinemas summarized just below it.

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City Walk Building 1 in City Walk, Dubai