Elegance House in Barsha Heights, Dubai with 13 floors.

Building Detail

  • Residential building (High-rise building)
  • Complete
  • 13 floors
  • Elegance House is a 13-storey residential building in Barsha Heights, Dubai.

Barsha Heights (Tecom) mixed-use community is home to many creative SMEs and local businesses. The vibrant and urban neighborhood has a collection of residential apartments and commercial spaces.

Among the many Barsha Heights (Tecom) developments is Elegance House, a 13-storey residential tower. Designed by Al Falasi and Partners, the building started in 2004 and completed in 2006.
Elegance House has 13 above-ground floors with a spacious layout and offers studios of the type 1, 2 and 3+kk.

The building has a covered parking lot, a children’s corner, a swimming pool and a fully equipped gym. Elegance House star rating not shown No guest reviews yet Location Elegance House is located near Hessa Street, close to Sheikh Zayed Road.

Shops Nearby Elegance House

The number of shops and amenities that are within walking distance can greatly affect quality of life and may be a key factor when choosing a place to live. Here is an analysis of all the commercial outlets that are currently operating in the vicinity of Elegance House.

There are dozens of outlets within walking distance of Elegance House. We’ve shortlisted the nearest ones across various categories:


  • Needs Market : Mini mart, Grosvenor Business Tower (0.2 km)
  • Ribbons & Balloons : Sweet shop, Grosvenor Business Tower (0.2 km)
  • Bluemart Supermarket : Supermarket, Golden Tulip Media Hotel (0.2 km)
  • Alajwa Mini Mart : Mini mart, Amiralty Tower (0.2 km)


  • Latus Restaurant : Restaurant, Class Hotel Apartments (0.0 km)
  • Seven Stones Restaurant : Restaurant, Art 12 (0.1 km)
  • Spotlight Restaurant & Cafe : Restaurant, Tameem House (0.1 km)
  • Toshi : Restaurant, Grand Millenium Dubai (0.2 km)


  • Health First Pharmacy : Pharmacy, Tameem House (0.1 km)
  • Health Hub Pharmacy : Pharmacy, ART Heights (0.2 km)
  • Health Hub Clinic : Medical clinic, ART Heights (0.2 km)
  • Dr Amal Alias : Medical clinic, The One Tower (0.3 km)


  • Posh Nails Beauty Center : Ladies’ salon, Tameem House (0.1 km)
  • Diva Beauty Salon : Ladies’ salon, Grosvenor Business Tower (0.2 km)
  • Bro Barbers Shop : Men’s salon, Grosvenor Business Tower (0.2 km)
  • Budget Gents Salon : Men’s salon, ART Heights (0.2 km)

Barbers Shop

Barbershops have traditionally been a bastion of men. A place where men can their hair cut and enjoy bonding with other men. For many men, hairdressing considered to be exclusively for women. However, there has been a shift in recent years as many men become increasingly concerned about their appearance and seek services beyond their local barber.

There is one main difference between barbershops and salons – the training of the people providing the services. Barbers usually trained in shorter and more traditional men’s haircuts, which may or may not combined with hot foam shaving or beard trimming. It’s an opportunity to engage in camaraderie with other men, and the price is often cheaper.

The barber shop provides a man cave atmosphere where haircuts are quick, efficient and no frills. Many men—mostly those who have never been to a salon—say they prefer barbers because they feel salon stylists are too chatty or try to sell them products or services they don’t need. Men also report feeling confident when they say they go to a salon rather than a barbershop.

A salon stylist receives much more training than a barber in everything from styling to cutting and coloring. A stylist can help determine the best style for a flattering face structure, skin tone and age. Salons are ideal for men who want to be fashionable, stylish and maintain their style for longer. Salons also provide a wide range of products specifically designed to keep hair looking its best and address any damage issues.


  • La Foie : Flower shop, Grand Millenium Dubai (0.2 km)
  • Star Digital Prints : Print shop, Grosvenor Business Tower (0.2 km)
  • Nickmond Laundry : Laundrette, Al Shafar Tower 2 (0.2 km)
  • Flower Fresh Laundry : Laundrette, Icon Tower (0.4 km)


  • Fitness Avenue Gym : Gym, Warsan Tower (0.3 km)
  • Snap Fitness : Gym, Dubai Jewel Tower (0.5 km)
  • Zen Yoga : Yoga studio, DMC Building 10 (0.7 km)
  • Fitness First : Gym, Business Central Towers (0.7 km)


Elegance House has many schools nearby, including American School of Dubai (0.6 km) and GEMS Dubai American Academy (0.7 km).

In terms of performance, there are 11 schools in the area that have achieved the top two government inspection ratings of ‘Very Good’ or ‘Outstanding’, including GEMS Dubai American Academy, which rated ‘Outstanding’ and Dubai College, which is also rated ‘Outstanding’ ‘.

Dubai College

1.3 km, Al Sufouh

Dubai College is a selective entry British school in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Established in 1978, the school caters for students in Years 7 to 13, and situated in the Al Sufouh area of Dubai. Students prepare for the British GCSE and A-Level examinations.

Dubai College (DC), a leading educational institution in the United Arab Emirates, has a rich history of academic excellence. Established in 1978, DC Dubai has impressed parents with its exceptional academic results in external examinations. It is well known locally and internationally for its commitment to developing future leaders. Dubai College’s reputation stems from their sustained and consistent efforts to improve the development of their pupils in the sporting, philanthropic, creative and academic fields – the four foundations of Dubai College.
Education means to train or shape the personality of an individual. It is the act of teaching and focuses on the principles and practices of teaching. It means the holistic development of human beings through the acquisition of skills, knowledge, beliefs and attitudes.

Education is a powerful agent of change and improves health and livelihoods, contributes to social stability and drives long-term economic growth. tHE Education is also essential to the success of each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Education increases gender and thereby reduces gender-based violence. There is a high risk of gender-based violence among the uneducated. If people educated, they will become true advocates for gender equality and stop violence. Education teaches moral values ​​and principles to support both sexes. In communities where men and women are treated equally and girls or boys treated , there are no terrorist attacks on girls’ schools or on women’s schools.

American School of Dubai

0.6 km, Al Barsha

The American School of Dubai is an independent, non-profit, American school with an international pre-K through Grade 12 curriculum offering an American education. The school was established in 1966 and was formerly known as Jumeirah American School, now located in the Al-Barsha community of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Education means to train or shape the personality of an individual. It is the act of teaching and focuses on the principles and practices of teaching. It means the holistic development of human beings through the acquisition of skills, knowledge, beliefs and attitudes.
A quick recap on the nature of education is as follows:

A lifelong process
A systematic process
Development of the individual
Education is life
Education is a dynamic process
Bipolar process
It includes balanced development
Behavior modification
Education transforms a citizen from uncivilized to civilized. It teaches them to distinguish between right and wrong. Being educated and having values ​​like sympathy, love, care and empathy will ultimately reduce crime. If a person is well educated, he will not indulge in evil practices. A reduction in crime will automatically result in a reduction in arrests.

Education contributes significantly to the improvement of individual health in our society. Children of educated mothers live healthier lifestyles than uneducated ones. For example, their level of nutrition is higher and they receive timely and correct vaccinations and live a healthy life. Thus, education prolongs the lives of children of educated mothers and mothers who have higher education.


Explore communities that are adjacent or close to Elegance House.

Dubai Media City (2.5 km)

Al Sufouh (2.1 km)

Acacia Avenues (1.2 km)


From Elegance House it takes roughly 15 minutes to drive to Dubai Mall, 10 minutes to Palm Jumeirah, 12 minutes to Burj Al Arab and 14 minutes to The Walk JBR.*

Airport proximity

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is roughly 23 minutes’ drive and the new Al Maktoum International Airport is roughly 34 minutes’ drive.*

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Elegance House in Barsha Heights, Dubai