Green Views 1 Building in Barsha Heights, Dubai With 14 floors.

Building Detail

  • Residential building (High-rise building)
  • Complete
  • 14 floors
  • Green Views 1 is a 14-story residential building in Barsha Heights, Dubai.

Green View 1 is a 15-storey residential building located in Barsha Heights (Tecom). It offers 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with modern amenities such a swimming pool and gym. The building has two floors dedicated to parking and is a pet friendly building.

Barsha Heights was known as Tecom. It is a vibrant urban community with commercial and residential buildings.

The community has apartments and hotels. The area offers an affordable lifestyle and is home to many local businesses and SMEs.

Residents of this community have quick access to Al Hessa Road, Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road.

Shops Nearby Green Views 1 Building

The amount of shops and amenities that are within walking distance can. Greatly affect the quality of life and can be a key factor in choosing a place to live.

Here is an analysis of all commercial outlets currently operating around Green Views 1.

There are dozens of shops within walking distance of Green Views 1. We have selected the closest ones in various categories:


  • Fitness Avenue Gym : Gym, Warsan Tower (0.5 km)


Regular exercise and physical activity promotes strong muscles and bones. Improves respiratory, cardiovascular and health. Staying active can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of type. 2 diabetes, heart disease, and lower your risk of some cancers.

Physical activity brings social benefits for adults. Improving self-esteem and self-sufficiency can be achieved by participating in physical activity at any age. As adults age, physical activity can provide opportunities for social interaction and can reduce feelings of loneliness or exclusion.

Adults and children can derive additional social benefits from physical activity through its impact on the community as a whole. By providing opportunities for increased social integration through community walking/biking trails and sports leagues. Participation in physical activity can increase a sense of connectedness among community members.

The evidence is clear, the positive effects of physical activity extend beyond. The participant’s physical health and affect their social health throughout life. These benefits are amplified throughout the community at large through socialization and integration. The next time you need motivation to go for a walk, remember that. The short investment of time and energy you put into physical. Activity will reap significant returns, now and in the future.


  • Blo Out Beauty Bar Salon : Ladies’ salon, I Rise (0.1 km)
  • Khoodi Style : Men’s salon, I Rise (0.1 km)
  • Reborn Spa : Spa, Ramee Rose Hotel (0.1 km)
  • The One Gents Salon : Men’s salon, MCN Building (0.2 km)


  • Garden Tulip Flower : Flower shop, I Rise (0.1 km)
  • Desco : Print shop, I Rise (0.1 km)
  • Baraa Laundry : Laundrette, I Rise (0.1 km)
  • Handy Tailor : Tailoring shop, I Rise (0.1 km)


  • BinSina Pharmacy : Pharmacy, I Rise (0.1 km)
  • Kaya Skin Care : Medical clinic, I Rise (0.1 km)
  • Dentist Direct Dubai : Dental clinic, I Rise (0.1 km)
  • BodySmart Barsha Heights : Medical clinic, I Rise (0.1 km)


I feel that the clinic is actually the gateway to the health system for. The patient, and it’s a very important place.” Clinics are seen as “accepting service to the patient” making patients come to the service. The work that the doctor performs in the clinic ensures the continuity of patient care.
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Staff welcome the immediate financial savings at the point of care. Employees do not pay anything out of pocket to use the clinic.


  • Costa : Coffee shop, Premier Inn Barsha Heights (0.1 km)
  • Mr Toad’s Pub & Kitchen : Restaurant, Premier Inn Barsha Heights (0.1 km)
  • Popcity Ice Cream : Cafe, I Rise (0.1 km)
  • Starbucks : Coffee shop, I Rise (0.1 km)


  • Carrefour : Supermarket, I Rise (0.1 km)
  • Papillon Chocolate : Sweet shop, I Rise (0.1 km)
  • Speedway Mini Mart : Supermarket, Saraya (0.1 km)
  • Just Cafe & Supermarket : Supermarket, Nimir (0.2 km)


Green Views 1 has many schools nearby including. American School of Dubai at 0.2 km and GEMS Dubai American Academy at 0.8 km.

In terms of performance there are 11 schools nearby that have achieved either of two highest government inspection rating of. ‘Very Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ including GEMS Dubai American Academy which has a rating of. ‘Outstanding’ and GEMS Wellington. International School, Dubai which has a rating of ‘Outstanding’.

Regent International School

1.3 km, The Greens

Choosing a school for their children, parents should consider the facilities of each. School that they can choose the best school for their children’s development. School equipment affects the learning process as well the mental and physical growth of students. These affect the student’s academic results to a certain extent. parents should consider school equipment.

The facilities offered by the school fundamentally affect student health, behavior, engagement, learning and growth. The physical and emotional health of students and teachers depends on the facilities they have in school. Every school should be equipped with suitable facilities for students and teachers to create an environment conducive to learning.
In schools, it is essential to maintain proper ventilation in each classroom. It is difficult for students who suffer from breathing problems to stay in classes for long periods of time. In, insufficient ventilation can cause discomfort to the student, thereby hindering the learning process. Pupils are not able to concentrate in such a class.

Bacteria, viruses and many other pathogens multiply in places where there is improper air passage. It has an impact on the health of pupils. Proper ventilation to top quality teaching to students.

It is clear that school facilities play a significant role in student development. Being one of the best boarding schools, it understands the concerns of parents and the demands of students. It offers students all the necessary facilities. The school follows the IB, which is based on value education. It has a unique learning pedagogy and a well-equipped classroom. The student to teacher ratio is 1:20, which ensures that each student receives individual attention from the teachers.

Next Generation School

0.9 km, Al Barsha

The facilities offered by the school fundamentally affect student health, behavior, engagement, learning and growth. The physical and emotional health of students and teachers depends on the facilities they have in school.

Every school should be equipped with suitable facilities for students and teachers to create an environment conducive to learning.
The classroom should be a peaceful place where students can have mental satisfaction. Peace and are able to concentrate without any external distractions. Noisy classrooms have a negative effect on student learning. Students are distracted and can never perform satisfactorily in a noisy environment.

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Proper temperature control is essential students can focus on. Their classroom learning without worrying about weather conditions.

Overcrowded classrooms lead to minimal student engagement and improper learning. Teachers find it uncomfortable to manage. A classroom is overcrowded.

They usually cannot focus on each student the classrooms are crowded. the number of students in the class should be. Classrooms should be spacious to provide space for students to study. And for teachers to.


Explore communities that are adjacent or close to Green Views 1.

The Views (1.3 km)

Al Barsha (2.7 km)

The Lakes (2.3 km)


From Green Views 1 it takes roughly 15 minutes to drive to Dubai Mall. 9 minutes to Palm Jumeirah, 12 minutes to Burj Al Arab and 13 minutes to The Walk JBR.*

Airport proximity

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is roughly 23 minutes’ drive and the new. Al Maktoum International Airport is roughly 34 minutes’ drive.*

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Green Views 1 Building in Barsha Heights, Dubai