Khan Saheb 1 is a seven-storey residential building in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai.

Building Details:

Building type: Residential building

Status: Complete

Floors: 7

Area: Dubai Silicon Oasis

Overview: Khan Saheb 1 is a seven-storey residential building in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai.

Khan Saheb 1 is a 7-storey residential building located in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Which is a modern and integrated community in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This development designed to provide residents with a comfortable and luxurious living environment incorporating modern amenities and infrastructure.

Khan Saheb 1 Building Description :

Location and Community: Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is a free zone technology park. And residential area that aims to promote innovation and technology in Dubai. It’s strategically located near major transportation routes. Including Emirates Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, making it easily accessible to other parts of Dubai.

Residential Building: Khan Saheb 1 is a 7-storey residential building within Dubai Silicon Oasis. The building’s architecture and design likely tailored to provide a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for its residents. The height of the building might provide residents with stunning views of the surrounding area.

Amenities: Residential buildings in Dubai often come equipped. With a range of amenities to enhance the quality of life for residents. These amenities could include swimming pools, fitness centers, landscaped gardens, children’s play areas, and even communal spaces for socializing.

Apartment Types: Khan Saheb 1 likely offers a variety of apartment types, as studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and possibly larger configurations. The range of apartment sizes accommodates various household needs, from singles and couples to families.

Luxurious Living: Dubai known for its luxurious lifestyle and opulent architecture. Khan Saheb 1 might reflect this aspect of the city’s real estate market by offering high-quality finishes. Modern appliances, and smart home technologies.

Key Highlight Of Khan Saheb 1 Building :

Facilities include 24-hour security, bed room, lounge, kitchen parking,. A grand entrance lobby, a gymnasium, a panoramic elevator, a retail area and a swimming pool.








Nearest Venue`s :


Souq Al Madina Supermarket

Souq Al Madina Supermarket: A Shopping Destination in Dubai Silicon Oasis

SAM Supermarket is a prominent retail establishment located in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO). A modern technology park and residential community in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Known for its convenient location and diverse range of products. Souq Al Madina Supermarket has become a popular shopping destination for residents of the area and visitors.

Location and Accessibility: Situated within the Dubai Silicon Oasis community, Souq Al Madina Supermarket. Benefits from its strategic location in the heart of this vibrant technology and residential hub. Its proximity to various residential complexes, office spaces, and educational institutions ensures. A steady flow of customers seeking groceries and other essential items.

Product Range: Souq Al Madina Supermarket caters to the diverse needs. Of its customers by offering a wide range of products. This includes fresh produce, dairy products, bakery items, pantry essentials, household goods, personal care items, electronics, and more. The supermarket endeavors to provide a one-stop shopping experience. Making it convenient for shoppers to find everything they need in a single visit.

Cultural Diversity: Dubai known for its cultural diversity. And this diversity reflected in the product offerings of Souq Al Madina Supermarket. The supermarket stocks items from various international cuisines, catering to the diverse population of Dubai Silicon Oasis. This cultural inclusivity allows residents and visitors to find ingredients. And products from their home countries, contributing to a sense of community and familiarity.


Long’s Bar & Restaurant

Long’s Bar & Restaurant, located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, is a popular dining. And entertainment establishment that offers a unique and vibrant experience to its patrons. Nestled within the fast-paced and technologically advanced environment of Dubai Silicon Oasis. Long’s Bar & Restaurant stands as a hub of relaxation, socialization, and gastronomic delight.

The venue derives its name from its distinctive feature – a long. Spacious bar that serves as the centerpiece of the establishment. This bar is only a focal point for social interaction showcases an extensive selection of beverages. From classic cocktails to premium spirits, catering to a diverse range of preferences.

Long’s Bar & Restaurant prides itself on creating an ambiance that balances modernity and comfort. The interior decor likely reflects contemporary design elements. With a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes it an ideal place for various occasions. Guests are seeking a casual evening out, a business meeting, or a celebration. The venue caters to different needs with its versatile setting.

Culinary excellence is at the heart of Long’s Bar & Restaurant. The restaurant’s menu features a fusion of international cuisines, prepared with meticulous attention to quality and taste. From appetizers to main courses and delectable desserts, the culinary offerings designed to tantalize the taste buds of every guest. The talented chefs behind the scenes likely curate a menu that combines local ingredients. With global inspirations, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors.


Emirates Clinic

Emirates Clinic in Dubai Silicon Oasis is a prominent healthcare facility located in the vibrant Dubai Silicon Oasis community. Known for its comprehensive medical services and advanced healthcare offerings. Emirates Clinic caters to the diverse medical needs of residents and visitors in the region.

Emirates Clinic prides itself on providing high-quality, patient-centered care with a focus on preventative and curative healthcare. The clinic equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology. And staffed by experienced healthcare professionals across various specialties, including internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, gynecology, and more.

The clinic’s mission revolves around delivering personalized healthcare services that address the unique needs of each individual. This approach reflected in their commitment to spending adequate time with patients. Understanding their medical histories, and tailoring treatment plans. It’s routine check-ups, diagnostic tests, or specialized treatments, Emirates Clinic aims to offer a holistic healthcare experience.

One of the standout features of Emirates Clinic is its emphasis on fostering a comfortable and welcoming environment for patients. The clinic’s physical design and interior layout carefully crafted to create. A soothing atmosphere, helping to ease any apprehensions patients might have about medical visits. The staff members trained to provide compassionate care. Contributing to a positive patient experience.


Juice Salon Mankhool

THE Juice Salon is a well-known chain of hair and beauty salons with several branches across Dubai. Including one in Mankhool within the Dubai Silicon Oasis area. Juice Salon renowned for its contemporary and innovative approach to hair care, styling, and beauty treatments.

The Juice Salon branch in Mankhool, Dubai Silicon Oasis, strategically located in. A bustling area known for its urban development and technological innovation. Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is a state-of-the-art technology park and free zone that serves as. A hub for tech companies, startups, and entrepreneurs. The presence of a Juice Salon within this area caters to the needs of professionals, residents. And visitors, offering them a convenient and high-quality option for grooming and beauty services.

Juice Salon is synonymous with modernity and trendsetting in the beauty industry. The salon offers a comprehensive range of services, including haircuts, hairstyling. Hair coloring, hair treatments, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and more. What sets Juice Salon apart is its focus on staying up-to-date. With the latest trends and techniques in the world of beauty and fashion. The salon’s team of skilled professionals undergoes regular training to provide clients with the latest styles and treatments.

The ambiance of the Juice Salon in Mankhool, Dubai Silicon Oasis, likely reflects the contemporary. And innovative spirit of the salon chain and the surrounding area. The salon’s interior design, decor, and atmosphere are likely to be modern and stylish. Creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for clients.


The nearest school to Khan Saheb 1 will depend on its specific location. This suggests that the quality of education offered at these schools very high. And can an attractive option for families with school-going children looking to relocate near Trident Waterfront Building.

Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba

Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba is a well-known educational institution located in Dubai, in the area of Dubai Silicon Oasis. It is a part of the reputable Kings’ Education group, which operates several schools across Dubai. Providing high-quality education to students from diverse backgrounds.

Location: Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba situated in the vibrant community of Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO). DSO is a technology park and residential community that fosters innovation and technological advancement. The school’s location in this area aligns with the forward-thinking atmosphere of. DSO and provides students with exposure to a unique blend of technology and education.

Campus and Facilities: The school’s campus designed to provide a conducive learning environment for students. It equipped with modern classrooms, science laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, and other amenities that support a holistic educational experience. The state-of-the-art facilities enable students to engage in a wide range of activities, academic and extracurricular.

Curriculum: Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba follows a well-structured. And rigorous curriculum that caters to students from early years to secondary levels. The curriculum often aligned with international educational standards, ensuring that students receive a globally competitive education. The school places emphasis on developing critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, and a strong foundation in core subjects.

Teaching Philosophy: The school’s teaching philosophy centers around providing. A well-rounded education that only focuses on academic excellence on character development. Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba aims to nurture students who are only knowledgeable compassionate. Responsible, and equipped to contribute positively to society.


The specific geographic areas where people reside and interact. And can defined by various factors geography, culture, or shared interests. They have a significant impact on residents’ daily lives. Including access to amenities and services, social connections, safety, and quality of life.

Al Liwan Building 1

Al Liwan Building 1 in Dubai Silicon Oasis: A Modern Residential Landmark

The Al Liwan Building 1 in Dubai Silicon Oasis stands as a modern residential landmark. Within the vibrant and rapidly growing community of Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO). DSO a PLANNED free zone technology park designed to foster innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Al Liwan Building 1 exemplifies the integration of contemporary design. Functional living spaces, and a convenient location within this dynamic environment.

Location and Connectivity: Strategically situated in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Al Liwan Building 1 benefits from its proximity to key business hubs, educational institutions, and commercial centers. The DSO itself well-connected to major transportation arteries, including Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. And the Dubai Al Ain Road, facilitating easy access to other parts of Dubai. This connectivity is a significant advantage for residents and potential investors. As it ensures seamless mobility maintaining a sense of community.

Architectural Design and Amenities: Al Liwan Building 1 boasts contemporary architectural design. That blends seamlessly with the urban landscape of Dubai Silicon Oasis. The building’s facade showcases a modern aesthetic, with sleek lines, expansive windows, and well-planned balconies. The design only enhances the visual appeal prioritizes functionality and livability.

The building equipped with a range of amenities that cater to the diverse needs of its residents. These amenities often include a well-equipped fitness center, swimming pool, children’s play area, landscaped gardens, and designated parking spaces. These facilities aim to create a comprehensive living experience that balances relaxation, recreation, and convenience.


Khan Saheb 1 Building is a residential building is conveniently located. Within reasonable driving distance to several popular destinations in Dubai. Here’s a summary of the approximate driving times from the hotel to these locations:

Dubai Mall: 22 minutes

Palm Jumeirah: 31 minutes

The Walk JBR: 35 minutes

Burj Al Arab: 31 minutes

Dubai International Airport: 21 minutes

Al Maktoum International Airport: 38 minutes

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Khan Saheb 1 Building in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai