Lana Tower In Jumeirah Village Circle

Building Details

  • Building Type: Residential building (High-rise building).
  • Building: Complete.
  • Floors: 20 floors.
  • Unit Type: Offer a studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments.
  • Plot: JVC17TCP002C.
  • Location: JVC District 17, Jumeirah Village Circle ( JVC ), Dubai.

Building Description

Lana Tower stands tall as a beacon of modern living in the vibrant heart of Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) District 17, Dubai. This sleek residential skyscraper stretches up to 20 floors, offering a stunning view of the surrounding cityscape.

The bustling community of JVC, Lana Tower is more than just a building; it’s a symbol of luxurious urban living. Each floor is meticulously designed to provide residents with a blend of comfort, convenience, and elegance.

With its prime location in JVC, Lana Tower provides easy access to a plethora of amenities and attractions. From trendy cafes to serene parks, residents can enjoy the best of both worlds right at their doorstep. You’re looking for a cozy studio or a spacious penthouse,

Lana Tower offers a range of residential options to suit every lifestyle. Each unit is thoughtfully crafted with modern finishes and state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring a living experience that’s nothing short of exceptional.

At Lana Tower, residents can immerse themselves in a vibrant community atmosphere while indulging in the luxury of contemporary living. With its strategic location, breathtaking views, and unparalleled amenities, Lana Tower redefines the essence of urban living in Dubai’s dynamic landscape

Key Highlight Of Building

Lana Tower including Gym, Wifi, 24/7 maintenance, Outdoor lounge, swimming pool, Elevators, and Parking.


A gym is a space equipped with exercise machines, weights, and sometimes classes, where people go to work out and stay healthy. It’s a convenient place to exercise without needing to buy your own equipment or worry about the weather outside.


Wifi is like magic internet access! It’s a wireless connection that lets you go online with your phone, tablet, or laptop without needing to plug in any cables. It’s super handy for staying connected, whether you’re checking emails, watching videos, or just browsing the web.

Outdoor lounge

An outdoor lounge is a comfortable area outside, usually with seating like chairs or sofas, where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air. It’s a great spot to hang out with friends, read a book, or just unwind after a busy day.

Swimming pool

A swimming pool is a big, water-filled area where you can swim and splash around for fun or exercise. It’s like having your own personal oasis, perfect for cooling off on a hot day or getting some low-impact exercise.


Elevators are magical vertical transportation devices that take you up and down between different floors of a building without needing to climb stairs. They’re especially helpful if you’re carrying heavy bags or if you have trouble with stairs.


Parking is a designated area where you can safely leave your car when you’re not using it. It’s like having your own reserved spot to ensure your car stays safe and secure while you’re out and about.

Nearest Venue’s

Halool Park

2 min (450 m)

Halool Park is a serene oasis nestled in the heart of Dubai, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. With lush greenery, picturesque ponds, and vibrant floral displays, the park provides a perfect setting for relaxation and recreation. Visitors can stroll along winding pathways, enjoy a leisurely picnic, or simply unwind amidst the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Dubai Miracle Garden

11 min (8.9 km)

Dubai Miracle Garden is a breathtaking floral paradise that captivates visitors with its stunning displays of flowers and plants. Spanning over 72,000 square meters, the garden is home to an enchanting array of floral sculptures, arches, and structures, all adorned with millions of colorful blooms. From towering sculptures of iconic landmarks to whimsical displays featuring cartoon characters, the garden offers a feast for the senses and provides endless opportunities for exploration and photography.

The Els Golf Club

13 min (7.4 km)

The Els Golf Club is a premier golf destination in Dubai, designed by the legendary golfer Ernie Els himself. Set against the backdrop of the desert landscape, the championship course offers a challenging yet rewarding experience for golfers of all skill levels. With meticulously manicured fairways, strategically placed hazards, and panoramic views of the surrounding scenery, the Els Golf Club promises an unforgettable round of golf for enthusiasts and amateurs alike.

Nearest Shops Around Building

An analysis has done to provide information about the commercial outlets near Lana Tower. These outlets include a variety of shops and amenities conveniently located nearby. The purpose of this analysis is to help visitors. Lana Tower makes informed decisions about where to shop, dine and explore entertainment options.

Apple A Day Supermarket

2 min (350 m)

At Apple A Day Supermarket, we’re more than just a grocery store. We strive to provide our customers with the freshest produce, widest selection of products, and a shopping experience that’s as crisp and satisfying as the crunch of a freshly picked apple. From farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to pantry staples and gourmet treats, we’ve got everything you need to keep your kitchen stocked and your meals delicious. Come visit us and taste the difference.

Imperial Biryani Restaurant

1 min (240 m)

Imperial Biryani Restaurant, where every dish is fit for royalty. Our chefs craft each biryani with care, using only the finest ingredients and traditional recipes passed down through generations. From the aromatic spices to the tender meats and fragrant rice, every bite is a journey through the rich culinary heritage of India. Whether you’re craving chicken, lamb, or vegetarian biryani, we invite you to indulge in the flavors of the imperial kitchen and experience the true taste of India.

Life Pharmacy

2 min (500 m)

At Life Pharmacy, we are committed to being your trusted partner in health and wellness. From prescription medications to over-the-counter remedies and beauty essentials, we offer a comprehensive range of products to meet your needs. Our knowledgeable pharmacists are here to provide personalized advice and support, ensuring that you have access to the resources you need to live your healthiest life. With a focus on quality, affordability, and convenience, we strive to make healthcare accessible to all, because we believe that everyone deserves to live life to the fullest.

Always On Show Ladies Salon

1 min (110 m)

Always On Show Ladies Salon, where beauty meets confidence. Our team of skilled stylists and beauty experts is dedicated to helping you look and feel your best, every day. From trendy haircuts to luxurious spa treatments and flawless makeup application, we offer a wide range of services tailored to your individual needs. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply indulging in some self-care, our goal is to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence.

Wellfit Gym

3 min (1.1 km)

Get ready to unleash your full potential at Wellfit Gym. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expert trainers are here to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, we offer a variety of equipment, classes, and programs to suit every need and preference. From strength training to cardio workouts and everything in between, we’re here to support you every step of the way. With a focus on empowerment, community, and holistic well-being, we believe that fitness is not just about physical strength, but also mental resilience and emotional balance.


There are several schools in Lana Tower, such Nord Anglia International School Dubai (1.5 km) and JSS International School (2.1 km). Six of these schools achieved the highest official inspection rating of ‘very good’ or ‘outstanding’ Victory Heights Primary School (‘Outstanding’) and Australian International School Dubai (‘Excellent’).

Australian International School Dubai

The Australian International School in Dubai is a vibrant educational institution that offers a comprehensive Australian curriculum within the dynamic and multicultural environment of Dubai. We pride ourselves on providing a world-class education that nurtures each student’s intellectual, social, and emotional growth.

Our school is committed to delivering excellence in education through innovative teaching methods, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive community that values diversity and inclusion. With a focus on holistic development, we empower students to become critical thinkers, effective communicators, and responsible global citizens.

At the Australian International School Dubai, we strive to create a learning environment that inspires curiosity, creativity, and a passion for lifelong learning. Through personalized learning experiences and a wide range of extracurricular activities, we encourage students to explore their interests and talents while developing the skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

With a dedicated team of educators and staff, we are committed to fostering a safe, supportive, and inclusive community where every student feels valued and empowered to achieve their full potential. We believe in the power of education to transform lives and make a positive impact on the world, and we are dedicated to helping our students become the leaders of tomorrow.


Victory Heights (2.3 km)

Victory Heights is a residential golfing community located in Dubai Sports City. It offers luxurious villas and townhouses built around the prestigious Ernie Els Golf Club. The community is known for its lush greenery, landscaped gardens, and serene surroundings, providing residents with a peaceful and upscale living environment.

Sports City (2.5 km)

Dubai Sports City is a vibrant and dynamic sports-oriented community in Dubai. Featuring a range of sports facilities, stadiums, and academies. It is home to world-class sporting venues such as the Dubai International Stadium, Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium, and The Els Club Golf Course. The area also includes residential. And commercial developments, making it an attractive destination for sports enthusiasts and families alike.

Motor City (2.8 km)

Motor City is a residential and automotive-themed community located in Dubai. It designed to resemble a “city within a city” and centered around the Dubai Autodrome, a state-of-the-art motorsports facility. Motor City offers a mix of apartments, villas, townhouses, and retail outlets. Catering to residents looking for a modern and convenient lifestyle with a focus on automotive culture.

Dubai Science Park (3.1 km)

Dubai Science Park a free zone dedicated to supporting the growth of the science sector in Dubai. It provides a collaborative environment for companies and professionals in industries such as pharmaceuticals. Biotechnology, research and development, and environmental science. The park offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, laboratory facilities. And business services tailored to the needs of scientific organizations, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange within the region.


Lana Tower is conveniently located within reasonable driving distance to several popular destinations in Dubai. Here’s a summary of the approximate driving times from the hotel to these locations :

Dubai Mall : 21 minutes

Palm Jumeirah : 16 minutes

Burj Al Arab : 18 minutes

The Walk JBR : 20 minute

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