Mosela is a 24-storey residential building in The Views, Emirates Living, Dubai.


Building type: (High-rise building)

Status: Complete (2010)

Floors: 24 floors
Area: The Views
Developer: Emaar Properties
Construction: Began in 2007 and completed by 2010

Overview: Mosela is a 24-storey residential building in The Views, Emirates Living, Dubai.


Mosela is an elegant residential building nestled in The Views, Emirates Living, Dubai. This stunning development offers a serene and picturesque environment, with lush green landscapes and tranquil waterways surrounding the area. The building features a contemporary design with a focus on luxury and comfort. Providing residents with a truly upscale living experience.

Mosela offers a range of spacious and well-designed apartments, including one, two, and three-bedroom units, as luxurious penthouses. Each apartment meticulously crafted with high-quality finishes and fixtures, creating a modern and stylish living space. The large windows in each unit offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Allowing residents to enjoy the natural beauty of The Views from the comfort of their home.

Residents of Mosela have access to a wide range of amenities, including a fully-equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, and landscaped gardens. The building features 24-hour security and concierge services, ensuring residents feel safe and well-cared for at all times.

With its prime location in The Views, Mosela offers residents easy access to a variety of dining. Shopping, and entertainment options. The nearby Emirates Golf Club provides golf enthusiasts with a world-class golfing experience. The vibrant neighborhood of Dubai Marina is just a short drive away. Offering a plethora of dining, shopping, and leisure options.


Mosela Building in The Views, Emirates Living Dubai, offers a range of amenities to its residents.

Swimming Pool: Enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool, perfect for relaxing or keeping fit.

Gymnasium: Stay active and healthy with a well-equipped gymnasium featuring modern fitness equipment.

Children’s Play Area: A safe and fun play area for kids to enjoy and socialize.

Parking: Ample parking space for residents and guests.

24-Hour Security: Peace of mind with round-the-clock security services ensuring the safety of residents.

Landscaped Gardens: Beautifully landscaped gardens provide a serene environment for residents to relax and unwind.


Nearest venue typically refers to the closest location or place where an event, activity, or gathering  taking place. The various outlets within walking distance of Mosela Building in The Views, Emirates Living, Dubai. We’ve shortlisted the nearest ones.


Gooday Market: (0.7 km)

  • Location: Gooday Market is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, catering to residents and visitors in the surrounding area.
  • Products: The market offers a wide range of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy products. Snacks, beverages, and household essentials.
  • Quality: Gooday Market known for its high-quality products, ensuring freshness and reliability for its customers.
  • Convenience: The market provides a convenient shopping experience, with a well-organized layout and helpful staff to assist customers.
  • Variety: Customers can find a variety of options at Gooday Market, including local and international products, catering to diverse preferences.


Nando’s: (0.6 km)

  • Peri-Peri Chicken: Nando’s known for its delicious flame-grilled chicken marinated in peri-peri sauce. Which a blend of spicy African bird’s eye chilies, herbs, and spices.
  • Casual Dining Experience: It offers a casual dining experience with a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Perfect for families, friends, and gatherings.
  • Menu Variety: To their famous chicken, Nando’s offers a variety of sides as peri-peri fries, spicy rice, coleslaw, and more.
  • Vegetarian Options: Nando’s caters to vegetarians with options like veggie burgers, wraps, and sides.
  • Sauces: Nando’s is famous for its peri-peri sauces, available in different spice levels. Allowing diners to customize their meal according to their taste.


Bede Zayed Gents Salon:  (0.7 km)

  • Location: Bede Zayed Gents Salon is located in Dubai, [insert specific location if known].
  • Services: The salon offers a range of grooming services for men, including haircuts, shaves, beard trims, facials, and massages.
  • Professional Staff: The salon boasts a team of skilled and experienced barbers. And stylists who cater to the needs of their clients.
  • Ambiance: The salon provides a relaxing and welcoming environment, allowing customers to enjoy a comfortable grooming experience.
  • Hygiene: Bede Zayed Gents Salon maintains high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for its customers.


Thawani Laundry:  (0.7 km)

  • Quality Service: Thawani Laundry is reputed for providing high-quality laundry services in Dubai.
  • Convenience: It offers convenient solutions for laundry needs, including pickup and delivery services.
  • Variety of Services: Thawani Laundry offers a variety of services, including dry cleaning, washing, and ironing.
  • Professional Staff: The staff at Thawani Laundry professional and ensures that the laundry done with care.
  • Quick Turnaround: Thawani Laundry provides quick turnaround times, ensuring that customers receive their laundry promptly.


Mosela has many schools nearby including Regent International School and American School of Dubai.

Regent International School: (0.1 km)

  • Location: Regent International School is located in the heart of Dubai, in the Greens community. Close to the Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers.
  • Curriculum: The school offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, known for its academic rigor and international focus.
  • Facilities: Regent International School boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, science and computer labs. Libraries, music and art rooms, sports facilities, and outdoor play areas.
  • Extracurricular Activities: The school provides a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, music, drama, and community service programs.
  • Diverse Community: With students from over 80 nationalities, Regent International School known for its diverse and inclusive community.
  • Qualified Faculty: The school has a team of experienced and qualified teachers who dedicated to providing high-quality education.
  • Accreditation: Regent International School accredited by international bodies as the Council of International Schools (CIS). And the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).
  • Values: The school emphasizes values as respect, responsibility, integrity. And compassion, aiming to develop well-rounded individuals.

American School of Dubai: (1.4 km)

  • Accreditation: ASD accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) and the Council of International Schools (CIS). It authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) to offer the IB Diploma Program.
  • Curriculum: ASD follows an American curriculum, culminating in the High School Diploma. It offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Including the Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP), and Diploma Program (DP).
  • Facilities: The school campus equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Including science and computer labs, art studios, music rooms, a theater, a library. And athletic facilities as a gymnasium, swimming pool, and sports fields.
  • Extracurricular Activities: ASD offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, music, drama, and clubs. Providing students with opportunities for holistic development and exploration of their interests.
  • Community: ASD has a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff representing over 70 nationalities. The school emphasizes inclusivity, respect, and understanding among its community members.
  • Technology Integration: The school integrates technology into its curriculum. Providing students with access to digital resource. And tools to enhance their learning experience and prepare them for a technology-driven world.
  • Community Service: ASD encourages and facilitates community service opportunities for students to develop. A sense of social responsibility and contribute positively to society.


From Mosela Building DubaiIt takes roughly to drive,
Dubai Mall: 17 minutes
Palm Jumeirah: 12 minutes
Burj Al Arab: 14 minutes
The Walk JBR: 15 minutes
Dubai International Airport (DXB): 25 minutes
Al Maktoum International Airport: 32 minutes


The specific geographic areas where people reside and interact. And can defined by various factors geography, culture, or shared interests. They have a significant impact on residents’ daily lives. Communitie that adjacent or close to Maselo Building Dubai.

Barsha Heights: (1.0 km)

  • Location: Barsha Heights is located in western Dubai, near Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach. It easily accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road, making it a convenient location for residents and visitors.
  • Residential Area: The neighborhood features a mix of residential buildings. Ranging from low-rise apartment complexes to high-rise towers. It is a popular choice for expatriates and young professionals to its central location. And proximity to major business and leisure destinations.
  • Amenities: Barsha Heights offers a wide range of amenities, including supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, gyms, and salons. The area known for its vibrant dining scene, with many popular eateries offering a variety of cuisines.
  • Connectivity: The neighborhood well-connected by public transport. With several bus stops and the Dubai Internet City Metro Station serving the area. It  close to major attractions as Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Marina.
  • Business Hub: Barsha Heights is home to many businesses, in the media, technology, and education sectors. The area known for its modern office spaces and business-friendly environment.
  • Leisure Options: Residents and visitors can enjoy a range of leisure activities in Barsha Heights. Including parks, sports facilities, and spas. The area has a vibrant nightlife scene, with many bars and clubs offering entertainment options.

Emirates Hills: (2.5 km)

  • Luxurious Villas: Emirates Hills is home to some of the most luxurious villas in Dubai. Offering spacious living areas, high-end finishes, and stunning views of the surrounding golf course and lakes.
  • Exclusive Community: The community gated and offers a high level of privacy and security. Making it a popular choice among affluent residents.
  • Golf Course Views: Many villas in Emirates Hills overlook the Montgomerie Dubai golf course. Providing residents with beautiful views and access to world-class golfing facilities.
  • Landscaping and Greenery: Emirates Hills known for its beautifully landscaped gardens, parks. And lakes, creating a serene and picturesque environment for residents to enjoy.
  • Amenities: Emirates Hills is primarily a residential community. It is located close to a range of amenities including schools. Shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  • Location: Emirates Hills is centrally located in Dubai, providing residents with easy access to major highway. Business districts, and other key areas of the city.
  • Community Facilities: The community features a range of facilities as parks, playgrounds, and sports courts. Providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and leisure activities.

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