Untitled Plot AFMU026A Building in Al Furjan, Dubai With 15 floors (3 basement levels).

Building Detail

  • Residential building (High-rise building)
  • 15 floors (3 basement levels)
  • Untitled Plot AFMU026A is a 15-storey residential building under development in Al Furjan, Jebel Ali District, Dubai.
  • Floors below ground 3
  • The substructure contains three basement levels which used for parking.

SHOPS NEARBY Untitled Plot AFMU026A Building

The number of shops and amenities that are within walking distance. Can greatly affect quality of life and may be a key factor choosing a place to live. Here is an analysis of all the commercial outlets that are currently operating in the vicinity of Untitled Plot AFMU026A.

There are only a few outlets within walking distance of Untitled Plot AFMU026A. We’ve shortlisted the nearest ones across various categories:


  • Mantaha Grill Restaurant. Restaurant, Murano 3 (0.3 km)
  • Al Baalbaki. Restaurant, Maria Tower (0.3 km)
  • Sirwah Mandi & Mazbi. Restaurant, Murano 2 (0.3 km)
  • Hyderabad Fusion Restaurant. Restaurant, Murano 1 (0.4 km)


  • Starry Smile. Dental clinic, Starz (0.6 km)
  • Swizmed Pharmacy. Pharmacy, Starz (0.6 km)


  • Meat Nation. Butcher, Murano 3 (0.3 km)
  • Grocery. Mini mart, Maria Tower (0.3 km)
  • Grocery. Mini mart, Murano 1 (0.4 km)
  • Emerald Minimart. Mini mart, Starz (0.6 km)


  • Barrels Salon. Men’s salon, Maria Tower (0.3 km)
  • Short Hair Gents Salon. Men’s salon, Murano 1 (0.4 km)
  • Al Furjan Gents Salon. Men’s salon, Starz (0.6 km)


  • Pet Nation. Pet shop, Topaz Avenue (0.8 km)


Untitled Plot AFMU026A has many schools nearby including. The Arbor School at 0.5 km and Delhi Private School Dubai at 2.1 km.

In terms of performance there are five schools nearby that have achieved either of two highest government inspection rating of. ‘Very Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ including Dubai British School Emirates Hills which has a rating of. ‘Outstanding’ and Delhi Private School Dubai which has a rating of ‘Very good’.

The Arbor School

0.5 km, Al Furjan

Arbor is a truly unique school here in the heart of the urgent. Fast paced and sometimes feverish city of Dubai! At Arbor, a transformational learning journey combines deep intellectual thought.

With engaging and meaningful experiences designed to ensure students connect their learning to authentic. Real-life challenges.

Students completing their journey at the Arbor School will well prepared to go forth into the world.

That be into study at the highest calibre tertiary institute, to enter into an apprenticeship. To become an activist, or stepping into the world of creativity and design.

Sustainability is at the centre of each student journey, and all students will have opportunities to complete. GCSEs in Environmental Management or Global Perspectives.

Our students encouraged to question relentlessly, see the bigger picture, and consider all opportunities to make an impact. Woven throughout Arbor’s approach is a strong emphasis on trans-disciplinary study in the pursuit of a more sustainable world.

Options for their child, whilst enriching and challenging students with Arbor’s ‘Global Impact Certificate’.

Arbor is a truly unique school here in the heart of the urgent.

Delhi Private School Dubai

2.1 km, Jebel Ali District

Delhi Private School Dubai, located in the Gardens, Jebel Ali, Dubai, is a private. Co educational institution established in 2003 for the diverse, expatriate community in the UAE. 

The school recognized and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of. UAE and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. India.

The school, located in The Gardens, Jebel Ali, Dubai, has a massive campus area of. 6.83 acres and provides state-of-the art facilities to help students gain an international holistic experience.

At present, the student strength is approximately 3,750.

The school offers a holistic learning programmer for students from KG I to XII. The CBSE curriculum has aligned, modified. And enhanced creatively in line with the vision of the school and the requirements of the UAE.

DPS Dubai promotes academic excellence to meet the challenging demands of a competitive, international environment.

The focus of the child-centered curriculum is the personalized need of every student.

Learning experiential and a love for knowledge encouraged to enable lifelong learning in a fast changing world.

Research, innovation and creativity foster intellectual fulfillment.

The holistic approach to education reflected in. The co- scholastic programmer of sports, debates, quizzes as well artistic pursuits.

Confidence-building and leadership skills encouraged through innovative programmers.

Spiritual and moral growth enhanced through life-skills workshops and every day pastoral care.

The community and parents considered important stakeholders in creating a harmonious system and.

DPS Dubai encourages their active participation to help create a vibrant school where excellence is a way of life.

The Winchester School

2.3 km, Jebel Ali District

The Winchester School founded in 1970 to teach two years of pre-kindergarten, kindergarten. And first grade children a balanced program of strong academics with stimulating art and music classes.

Time for the children to play outside and inside the school along with first-rate field trips for fun and. Or to augment classroom learnings a vital part of the program.

As Mary Rhim, the founder of the school put it: “I wanted to start a school that was. A complete answer to what I looked for and wanted for my own children they were young.”

To provide a nurturing prepared environment the principles of the Core Knowledge curriculum.

Fostering a love of learning and promoting the physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs of the children we serve.

The Winchester School believes that every child is a gift, deserving to treated. With love and respect, and recognized as a unique and special individual.

Our warm and loving environment greets every child, encouraging. A joy of learning, and allowing all children to realize their fullest potential in all areas.

 Our general methods of instruction and types of learning activities are based on logically organized. And sequential learning programs within eight basic areas: language arts, mathematics, science. STEM, Spanish, art, music, physical education and play.

Teaching within these areas combines group instruction based on age with a high degree of individualized teaching within each group.

To augment the book and paper/pencil learning, hands-on materials and activities are present in all of the learning centers.

Ghaf Private School

2.6 km, Jebel Ali Village

“The name of our school derived from the ‘Ghaf. Tree’ (Prosop cineraria) which has declared the national tree of the UAE.

This tree is a drought-tolerant, evergreen tree, native to the desert and known for its resilience. It nominated by as nature symbol of tolerance for the UAE’s Year of Tolerance in 2019.

The qualities of resilience and tolerance are two of the moral values that we encourage. Our students to develop throughout their learning journey at GPS.

A unique selling point at GPS is that ’21st Century Life Skills’ are at the heart of the curriculum.

What this means is that we take a personalized and holistic approach to develop every child. The table below will provide you with initial guidance and we will be to expand”

A school’s Guiding Statements comprise of its Motto, Mission, Vision, Goals, Values and Philosophy.

These develop and evolve through consultation with all stakeholders in the community which the school serves.

We have started out on this process and this will continue the next. 3 years as the school develops its unique identity.


Explore communities that are adjacent or close to Untitled Plot AFMU026A.

Jumeirah Park (3.0 km)

The Jumeirah Park is a family-orientated residential community of 2,000 family villas, surrounded by parks and green spaces.

Jumeirah Islands (3.8 km)

736 villas with swimming pools and gardens grouped in clusters on. 46 small ‘islands’ surrounded by lakes, water features and greenery.

Green Community (4.0 km)

A community in Dubai Investments Park containing apartments, villas, leisure, retail, and commercial properties set in natural greenery.

Midtown by Deyaar (4.2 km)

A development project in Dubai Production City comprising six districts containing 24 buildings housing studios and apartments.


Commute times by car

From Untitled Plot AFMU026A it takes roughly 25 minutes to drive to Dubai Mall, 17 minutes to. Palm Jumeirah, 22 minutes to Burj Al Arab and 17 minutes to The Walk JBR.*

Airport proximity

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is roughly 33 minutes’ drive and the new. Al Maktoum International Airport is roughly 27 minutes’ drive.*

Untitled Plot AFMU026A Building Milestones

Date Launched : 2018


The map below shows the location of Untitled Plot AFMU026A and just below are summaries of. The nearest attractions, parks, beaches, golf clubs and cinemas.

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Untitled Plot AFMU026A Building in Al Furjan, Dubai