Westwood by Imtiaz is a 12-storey residential building in Al Furjan, Jebel Ali District, Dubai.


Building type: Residential building (High-rise building)

Status Complete: Complete December 2023

Floors: 12 floors

Units: 188 units

Area: Al Furjan

Architect: Al Saraya Engineering Consultants

Contractor: Vicc Venco Imtiaz Contracting Company

Owner: Rahimullah Shahsawar

Construction: Began in 2018 and completed by December 2023

Developer: Imtiaz Developments

Overview: Westwood by Imtiaz is a 12-storey residential building in Al Furjan, Jebel Ali District, Dubai.

Additional information:

Westwood Residence provides fully furnished apartments with modern interiors and high-quality fittings and fixtures. The building offers views of the Dubai Marina skyline. The apartments offer a blend of classic and modern design elements and come with ‘superior quality’ finishing materials.


Westwood by Imtiaz is a residential building located in the Jebel Ali District of Dubai. It offers modern apartments with a range of amenities for residents. The building designed with contemporary architecture and features spacious living spaces. High-quality finishes, and large windows offering panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Residents of Westwood by Imtiaz can enjoy a range of amenities. Including a swimming pool, fitness center, children’s play area, and landscaped gardens. The building offers 24-hour security, CCTV surveillance, and secure parking for residents and guests.

The Jebel Ali District is a vibrant area with easy access to major highways, public transportation. And a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. It is home to several schools, medical facilities. And recreational amenities, making it an ideal location for families and professionals alike.


Westwood by Imtiaz Building in Jebel Ali District Dubai offers a range of features. And amenities that cater to modern living.

Swimming Pool: A swimming pool may be available for residents to enjoy and relax in.

Gymnasium: A well-equipped gymnasium may be provided for residents to stay fit and healthy.

Children’s Play Area: There may be a dedicated children’s play area within the building or the surrounding area.

Security: The building may offer 24-hour security to ensure the safety and peace of mind of residents.

Parking: Dedicated parking spaces may be available for residents, ensuring convenience and ease of access.


Nearest venue typically refers to the closest location or place where an event, activity, or gathering is taking place. The various outlets within walking distance of Westwood by Imtiaz Building in Jebel Ali District Dubai. We’ve shortlisted the nearest ones.


Al Adil Trading: (0.8 km)

Al Adil Trading is a well-known trading company in the UAE, specializing in spices. Pulses, grains, nuts, and other food products. Established in 1984, it has grown to become one of the leading names in the region’s food industry.

Al Adil known for its high-quality products, sourced from around the world and offered at competitive prices. The company has a strong presence in the retail sector, with a chain of supermarkets. And grocery stores under the brand name “Al Adil Trading.”

These stores are popular among residents and tourists alike for their wide range of products and excellent customer service. Al Adil Trading is a trusted name in the UAE’s food industry. Known for its quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Tea n Talk: (0.8 km)

Tea n Talk is a cozy café located in Dubai. It known for its relaxing ambiance and delicious tea and coffee selections. The café offers a variety of beverages, including hot and iced teas, coffees, and specialty drinks.

They serve light bites as sandwiches, salads, and pastries. Tea n Talk is a popular spot for locals and tourists looking for a quiet place. To unwind or catch up with friends.


Vision & Style: (0.8 km)

Vision & Style is a luxury fashion boutique located in Dubai. The boutique offers a curated selection of high-end fashion brands for men and women. Ranging from clothing and accessories to footwear and jewelry.

Known for its exquisite collection and personalized service. Vision & Style caters to discerning clientele looking for unique and exclusive fashion pieces.

The boutique’s elegant and modern ambiance provides a luxurious shopping experience, complementing the sophistication of its designer collections.


Cloud Beauty Salon: (0.8 km)

Cloud Beauty Salon a popular salon known for its luxurious and relaxing atmosphere. Located in a prime area, it offers a wide range of beauty services. Including hair styling, manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages.

The salon uses high-quality products and employs experienced professionals to ensure clients receive top-notch services. With its elegant decor and attentive staff, Cloud Beauty Salon provides. A pampering experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


Westwood by Imtiaz has many schools nearby including Delhi Private School Dubai and Arcadia Global School.

Delhi Private School Dubai: (1.8 km)

Delhi Private School Dubai a renowned educational institution known for its high academic standards and comprehensive curriculum.

Establishment: Delhi Private School Dubai established in 2003 andaffiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, India.

Location: The school is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and caters to students from kindergarten to grade 12.

Curriculum: The school follows the CBSE curriculum, which known for its rigorous academic standards and holistic approach to education. The curriculum designed to provide students with a strong foundation in core subjects like English, mathematics. Science, and social studies, as a wide range of co-curricular activities.

Facilities: Delhi Private School Dubai boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped classrooms. Science and computer labs, libraries, sports facilities, and extracurricular spaces.

Extracurricular Activities: The school places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities to ensure the development of its students. These activities include sports, arts, music, drama, debates, and various clubs and societies.

Achievements: Delhi Private School Dubai has a track record of academic excellence. And has produced several high achievers in various fields. The school encourages students to participate in competitions and events to showcase their talents.

Community Involvement: The school actively promotes community service and social responsibility among its students through various initiatives and projects.

Arcadia Global School: (1.8 km)

Arcadia Global School is a well-known educational institution located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Known for its commitment to providing a high-quality education, Arcadia Global School offers a rigorous academic program. That focuses on intellectual and personal development. The school provides a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters a love for learning. And encourages students to reach their full potential.

Arcadia Global School offers a compreishensive curriculum that includes a wide range of subjects, including English. Kathematics, science, social studies, and the arts. The school offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, drama. And community service, to enrich the educational experience of its students.

One of the key features of Arcadia Global School is its highly qualified and experienced faculty. Ho dedicated to providing students with the support and guidance they need to succeed. The school prides itself on its state-of-the-art facilities, which include modern classrooms, science labs, libraries, and sports facilities.


From Westwood by Imtiaz Building, It takes roughly to drive,

Dubai Mall: 23 minutes

Palm Jumeirah: 15 minutes

Burj Al Arab: 20 minutes

The Walk JBR: 25 minutes

Dubai International Airport (DXB): 31 minutes

Al Maktoum International Airport: 27 minute


The specific geographic areas where people reside and interact. And can defined by various factors geography, culture, or shared interests. They have a significant impact on residents’ daily lives. Communitie that adjacent or close to Westwood by Imtiaz Building.

Dubai Marina: (4.3 km)

Dubai Marina is a vibrant waterfront community located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It known for its stunning skyline, luxury yachts, and upscale lifestyle.

Location: Dubai Marina situated along a 3-kilometer stretch of shoreline on the Persian Gulf. Extending from the interchange of Sheikh Zayed Road and Jebel Ali-Lehbab Road to the Dubai Media City.

Architecture: The Marina features a stunning skyline with iconic skyscrapers as the Princess Tower. The Cayan Tower (known as the Infinity Tower), and the Marina Torch.

Residential Options: Dubai Marina offers a mix of residential options, including high-rise apartment buildings, luxury villas, and townhouses. It is a popular choice for expatriates and locals looking for upscale living.

Leisure and Entertainment: The Marina Walka popular waterfront promenade lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops. The area features the Dubai Marina Mall, which offers a range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Transportation: Dubai Marina well-connected to the rest of the city via Sheikh Zayed Road and the Dubai Metro. The Dubai Tram runs through the Marina, providing easy access to nearby areas.

Attractions: The Marina is home to several attractions, including the Dubai Marina Mall, Skydive Dubai, and the Marina Beach.

Jumeirah Islands: (2.5 km)

Jumeirah Islands is a prestigious residential community located in the heart of New Dubai. Close to Sheikh Zayed Road and other major road networks. It is a luxurious development featuring 50 small islands surrounded by interconnected waterways, offering residents a picturesque waterfront living experience.

Each island in Jumeirah Islands designed to accommodate a range of villas, with four main architectural themes. Oasis, Islamic, European, and Mediterranean. The community known for its lush landscaping, beautiful gardens. And serene environment, providing a tranquil escape from the bustling city life.

Residents of Jumeirah Islands have access to a range of amenities. Including a clubhouse, fitness center, swimming pools, tennis courts, and jogging tracks. There retail outlets, restaurants, and cafes within the community, providing convenience and a sense of community living.

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